CBD Microdose: Making the Best Use of Small Dose Therapy

Most people who use CBD daily worry about the risk of regular consumption. And the truth is you should, mainly if you use it in high doses. 

You may ask how safe CBD is if used daily. According to medical experts, the amount to use will depend on the condition you are dealing with. So getting an expert opinion is your best bet if you intend to use cannabis for medical purposes. 

But for a more relaxing and therapeutic remedy, you can indeed use CBD in small controlled doses. And there is no danger in doing this daily. However, to perfect this, you should understand the idea of CBD microdose. 

How Small is Enough?

Nobody can ideally answer the question of how much cannabis is enough for the body to process. This is because a lot of factors affect how each individual process foreign compounds. And for CBD, adiposity, age, and other drug use, can influence how the compound affects the user. For starters, you should get an idea of how small is enough for your therapy type. 

CBD Microdosing for Beginners 

If you intend to use CBD or cannabis for the first time, you want to start little. Start from the bottom and increase the amount with time. It is better than taking a higher dose and dealing with the side effects, which could be compounding. 

Finding the perfect dose that doesn’t put you in any harmful situation would take a few attempts. And this can quickly put people off from getting a second bottle of CBD oil when the first runs out. You can visit https://cheefbotanicals.com/microdose-cbd/ to know more on the best ways to go about your first CBD attempt. 

Dosing is essential to enjoying cannabis the right way. Too much, and you could suffer from headaches and mood swings. Too little, and you may not get the best out of it. 

Choosing the Right CBD Product 

Your first task of enjoying CBD is to pick the right product. And this is where many first-timers get it wrong. Research is necessary when in the cannabis market, and you want to keep your eyes peeled before making payments. You don’t want to end up with a product that won’t be of benefit to you. So when it comes to the right product, you want to 

  • Go Organic 

It is common to find additives in many cannabis-derived products. And they mostly aim to increase their potency. But while there is nothing wrong with other ingredients in your CBD oil, you want them to be entirely organic. So again, read through to find the elements that make up the mix.  

  • Note the THC 

It is also worth avoiding going for CBD products with more than 0.3% THC level for starters. Anything above this range can put you at risk of hallucination and psychosis. If you source the best brands, you will find it useful even in microdoses with relatively minimal THC.

Again, you should take the time to research the difference between THC and CBD if you are confused about it. The website page here has more on that, so you may want to check it out. 

Microdosing the Right Way

Once you get the best and safest CBD products available, you would have to start from the smallest dose, which ideally shouldn’t be more than a drop or two of pure oil. The problem with taking too much cannabis is the sedative effects on the body. And opting for minute doses at intervals during the day is better than all at once. 

How you choose to use it is another issue that would determine how much cannabis to take. The quickest way the body absorbs cannabis is by smoke, so if you are a first-time hemp smoker, it is essential to start with one puff until you can handle the urge to cough. 

Final Note 

If you are using CBD for medical purposes, such as joint pain and inflammation or related skin conditions, you should seek medical advice. Therapeutic use should be with serious adherence to a strict regimen. I will also like to remind you to choose the right products when in the market for one. You should note the THC levels, and endeavor to go for entirely organic options always. Remember also, start from the bottom and work your way up.