5 things that matter when you are doing an MBA in Canada

Considered to be best suited for those seeking managerial roles, MBA has always been a popular degree due to the impact it has on one’s career. While the options for MBA are varied, you have to make your choice with the utmost consideration.

For many students, Canada remains a preferred place to study this program for many reasons. From the choice of MBA in Vancouver to the strong economy of the country, many factors contribute to making Canada a favourite for international students. Moreover, they find constant support and excellent opportunities in this country. What that means is that you cannot go wrong with choosing Canada for your MBA degree. Let’s find why.

MBA in Canada 

The population of Canada’s international students has grown six-fold in the past two decades with 2019 alone seeing over 404,000 international students getting their study permit. Over time, this country has stood out as a brilliant destination for anyone looking to find success in their educational field.

Being a developed economy, Canada fulfils all the necessary criteria a student looks for while travelling abroad for MBA. Though, it also addresses a lot of other factors that need to be kept in mind while considering moving to another place. This can include everything from culture to MBA fees and even the living cost. Though the good news is that in Canada, a majority of these criteria are well taken care of.

Reasons to do MBA in Canada 

Here are some of the top factors that make Canada a brilliant place for pursuing MBA:

1. Affordable and quality education 

The best part about doing MBA in Canada is that you can enjoy world-class education at a much affordable rate. While studying in the U.S or U.K. is considered a costly affair, Canada provides the same education at a lesser price. Cost-effective MBA that meets all the required learning standards is rare and hence Canada is preferred by business students.

2. Good educational institutes 

Choosing the right business school to do your MBA is also crucial and Canada is home to many established universities that have excellent faculty, top-notch training tools and rich programs. The quality learning experience over here added by the nurturing environment and global students adds to the overall quality of learning.

3. Work permit 

A work permit is among the major advantage that Canada offers to foreign students that adds to its popularity. Students after completing their MBA are allowed 3 years of work permit in the country which is a good time to find relevant work opportunities and also gain necessary experience in the sector. Moreover, while studying students are allowed 20 hours per week of work time which is useful in helping them meet their expenses and also get accustomed to the Canadian work culture.

4. Great job market 

Canada is currently riding the technological wave that has been started by the new digital revolution. It is home to many multinationals and the country is majorly stressing on skilled labour. This means with the right education and skill set, you can become equipped to for some brilliant and well-paying job roles.

5. Excellent culture 

Another factor that makes Canada stand out is that it has a multicultural environment where everyone can feel at home. The country is also safe and home to many students from all over the world.

These are a few of the main factors that contribute to making Canada a fabulous place for pursuing MBA. The country, not just promises a great quality of life but also gives you an equally good education.