4 Reasons to Get on a Daily CBD Regimen

There are many different daily routines you can get into for your health including yoga, weightlifting, running, cycling, and Pilates. You can even get on a daily regimen of vitamins and protein. Maintaining your physical health is important, but so is maintaining your mental health by keeping stress levels low. The easiest way to reduce stress is to get on a daily regimen of CBD.

For those who are open to trying new things, here are several reasons to add cannabidiol (CBD) to your list of daily supplements.

1. CBD can help lower stress 

Did you know that CBD products like oils and gummies can help lower stress? It’s true. Research has shown that CBD is a natural stress reliever and can be used to prevent and reduce stress and anxiety.

Cannabidiol is great, but not all CBD products are equal. Manufacturers of high-quality products will always give you access to lab reports for every product batch made. They’ll also offer multiple concentrations and flavors to make sure their products work for a variety of people. For example, Hemp Bombs makes CBD gummies in a variety of strengths so you can buy the product that fits your needs. 

Lowering stress has never been more important than it is today. There are so many things going on in the world that managing stress has become critical for maintaining psychological health. A daily CBD regimen will make it easier to keep stress at bay.

2. CBD can help you consistently get better sleep

Taking CBD on demand works for some people, but that’s rare. The cumulative effects of CBD seem to be more potent. For example, people who take CBD each night before bed start to experience better overall sleep, but notice the change after a few days. As time goes on, the cumulative effects of CBD continue to provide better, deeper sleep.

If you want to be happier, take a look at your sleep. Sleep deprivation causes anger along with stress and anxiety. If you’re not getting the deep REM sleep your body needs, you’re sleep deprived and your mood is likely being affected.

If you’re going to use CBD to get better sleep, make sure you commit to the process for at least a couple of weeks, if not one full month. You’ll need time for the CBD to accumulate in your system to experience the full benefits.

3. You can’t get high from CBD

CBD is a non-psychoactive substance extracted from hemp. You cannot get high from cannabidiol. This is great news for anyone who wants to take CBD daily and needs to stay completely functional.

While you can’t get high from CBD, that doesn’t mean you can’t get high from CBD products. A variety of CBD products also contain THC. Many people report that adding CBD to a THC product maintains the full therapeutic benefits of THC while greatly reducing its psychoactive properties.

Although CBD isn’t psychoactive, if your company performs drug tests regularly, you should be cautious. By law, CBD can only contain up to 0.3% THC, but your product might contain enough THC to trigger a positive test result. If your job depends on negative drug test results, avoid taking CBD; the minimal amount of THC could accumulate in your system and you could test positive, despite your good intentions.

4. CBD is natural and environmentally-friendly

Who doesn’t love plant-based therapies? If you’re tired of playing side-effect roulette with pharmaceuticals, you’ll love taking a simple, plant-based product. 

CBD is derived from the hemp version of the cannabis plant and is completely natural. While there are various methods of extraction, the process is super clean and doesn’t leave a major impact on the environment. 

Hemp grows fast with little maintenance and requires zero pesticides. It’s easy to harvest and regrow. When you take CBD, you’re taking a product extracted from one of the most natural, historically revered plants in the history of civilization

Happiness doesn’t come in a box, but it can come in oil

CBD won’t directly make you happy. You can’t just take a bunch of oil and expect to cheer up. However, taking CBD on a regular basis will create biological and physiological changes that can influence your mood and physical well-being in a positive way.

Whether you need to drop some stress or get better sleep, try taking CBD every day for a month. It’s cheap, readily available, and thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, it’s legal.