The best app to monitor kid’s screen time: FamiSafe

Parents provide smartphones to kids for internet purposes. They need the internet for education. However, the internet consists of good and bad sites that can potentially harm the psychology of kids. Giving free access to these sites can result in potential dangers to our kids. Illegal sites like drug selling websites or sports betting applications must be restricted on kid’s phones. Also, kids make friends with unknown people on social media without knowing their true identity or purpose for friendship. Taking advantage of these cybercriminals motivates them to commit crimes and get their criminal motives accomplished with innocent kids. That is why the online safety of kids is of utmost importance in modern times. Screen time app is used to monitor the online activities of kids on their smartphones. Many screen time apps are available free of cost these days. However, the best app to monitor kids’ screen time is FamiSafe screen time app.

Let us know more about the features available in the FamiSafe Screen time app.

  • Monitor kids’ online activity: Some kids have a habit of watching adult websites like porn sites or adult dating sites. These sites are inappropriate for kids and consist of nude images that can harm the psychology of kids. FamiSafe app can be used to impose restrictions on access to bad or inappropriate sites using remote devices.
  • Track the live location of kids: – Using the FamiSafe screen time app, we can track the kid’s phone’s live location. FamiSafe app uses a real-time GPS tracking system for live location tracking. This feature is useful at the time when a kid’s phone is lost or stolen. This feature can also be useful for ensuring the safety of kids from kid’s kidnappers.
  • Limit the screen time of kids’ phones remotely: The kid’s phone’s screen time can be analyzed using parents’ remote devices using the FamiSafe app. This application allows you to check their incoming and outgoing text messages, call logs, and interactions on social media platforms like Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.
  • Works in stealth mode on kids’ a phone:- This app works in stealth or hidden mode on kids’ phones. They are invisible and remain undetectable on kid’s device. Parents can access the information of a kid’s devices using their parent device remotely.

Advantages of using FamiSafe parental control app

  • Protection against social bully:- Social bully is a type of cybercrime that is very common these days. Online criminals make fake profiles on social media and make friendship with innocent kids. They provoke kids for sending inappropriate images which are used for blackmailing purpose. This can result in depression in kids. To safeguard them from these online cybercriminals, we must ensure their online safety using the FamiSafe parental control app.
  • Restriction of illegal or bad sites:- Internet consist of good as well as bad sites. Parents can grant access to good sites while imposing restrictions from being accessed on the kid’s phone using the FamiSafe parental control app.