A Renter’s Ultimate guide to Renting in LA (2020)

Los Angeles, also known as LA, is the most populous city in California and is the city of glamour and fame. The city is a hub of opportunities and is home to Hollywood. People move to LA for work and education, and hence rental rooms are the best accommodation they resort to in Los Angeles. Fiding room rentals in LA is not a piece of cake as there is a huge competition, and the good listings can disappear within hours. To find the perfect room for rent in Los Angeles, you need to apply for the listing that you find suitable quickly. Since the listings don’t survive an entire day on the platforms, you need to be active and check for available options daily while finding rooms for rent in Los Angeles. The city isn’t the most expensive, but the rentals can be costly, depending on the neighborhood and amenities. Fret not! We curated an ultimate guide to finding a suitable room for rent in LA.

What To Keep In Mind?


  • Plan a Budget


Los Angeles can burn holes in your pocket if you don’t plan your finances. Planning a budget will be undoubtedly helpful in finding suitable rooms for rent in Los Angeles. A planned budget must include all your expenses along with the rent, security deposit, and utility bills. When you plan a budget, finding room rentals becomes easy, and you waste less time seeing the ones you can’t afford. To save some extra bucks, you should skip the middlemen like a realtor and rent a room in LA using a trusted roommate finder

  • Do your Research

It is essential to do your homework, whether in school or in life. It would be best to look up the internet to know more about the city and the neighborhood. This way, selecting a suitable area will be more comfortable as you can find almost all the information about safety, average rent, and other important information about the community online. 

  • Know what you need

Knowing exactly what you want and need in a room rental will save you time and money. Since a single room rental can’t have it all and still fit in your budget, so, it is better to give more importance to the needs while finding rooms for rent in Los Angeles.

  • Plan your move in

Planning your move in would be a great decision. Since the room rentals get occupied quite quickly, it is best to plan when you will move in. This would help find rooms for rent in LA more conveniently as landlords prefer to rent out the property to tenants who have already planned the move in and can move at the earliest. Finding the perfect room rental in Los Angeles might take time, so ensure that you start looking for rooms for rent in LA a month in advance of your move-in. 

Know Your Neighborhood

  • Downtown

An eclectic neighborhood with various restaurants, cafes, and bars, Downtown LA, is perfect for young working professionals to find room rentals in Los Angeles. The neighborhood has it all! You can check out ethnically diverse restaurants and even take a tram ride. 

  • Beverly Hill

The place for the affluents! Beverly Hills is a neighborhood that not everyone can afford. It is lavish and one of the wealthiest areas in Los Angeles. You may try to look for a room rental in LA at Beverly Hills and look for a roommate to share rent and accommodation.

  • Silver Lake

A perfect neighborhood for you if you like art and shopping! Silver Lake has some fantastic streets, and the area has a hipster vibe. So, suppose you are a student or a young professional looking for a neighborhood with affordable room rentals, vibrant restaurants, and fancy boutiques. In that case, Silver Lake is your neighborhood to rent a room in Los Angeles. 

  • Hollywood

The home to the world’s most significant entertainment industry, Hollywood is home to Paramount Pictures and Dolby Theatre. Due to the significance of the place, the rental might be a little expensive. If you are an aspiring actor, this neighborhood would surely attract you and persuade you to find your next room rental in LA. 

  • Mid-City

Mid City is a family-friendly neighborhood, and room rentals in Los Angeles can be found easily in this area. Since it is majorly a residential area, you can look for rooms for rent in Mid-City and explore the available options.

  • Alhambra

If you wish to live in a peaceful and quiet neighborhood, then Alhambra is your go-to area. It is conveniently close to Downtown LA, and you can find cheap rooms for rent in LA, in this neighborhood. 

There are many neighborhoods to explore in Los Angeles. You may even wish to explore LA’s suburbs to find room rental as you may find some good deals in the suburbs. 

Some tips and tricks.

  • Sign up for a long term lease to save money
  • Don’t rush to buy all the furniture at once. Plan and shop efficiently
  • Negotiate with the landlord, but not too much
  • Apply for the room rental right away 
  • Avoid moving in with your vehicle as the traffic is horrible
  • Find a roommate to share rent
  • Give yourself enough time to find the perfect room rental in Los Angeles
  • Ensure that you always use a trusted roommate finder to find rentals and roommates in Los Angeles

Finding a suitable room for rent in Los Angeles can be a daunting and time-consuming task; however, the city is worth the hustle. Los Angeles has magic and a vibe that no one can resist!