How to backup line chat history in android and ios

So you want to create the entire backup of your line chat and you have no idea how to go about it. Well, you have landed the perfect place. As in this guide, we will help you to backup line chat in the easiest way possible. The methods mentioned in the list are provided by the official company. Therefore, these methods will keep all your data and info safe.

When you are formatting your device or performing a task that may cause harm or any loss to your data, or you are switching from one phone to another or changing the operating systems of the phone the most important thing that you need to do is to create the backup. There might be many other possible reasons due to which you should or you might want to create the backup. We will provide you with all the methods in this post.

The important data of which you create the backup may include all the important chats, messages, for any of the applications including the line application. You can easily backup line chat history for iOS android devices. Creating a backup will ensure that you have all the important data of your contacts and connections that you really don’t want to lose. You can easily restore the chat and important data if at all you lose the information in any situation.

How to backup line chat history in ios?

In this guide, we are solely focusing on the ways with the help of which you can backup line chat history on your devices effortlessly. Every app has its mechanism and steps and we will guide you with them so that you can easily create a copy of your data easily. With these applications, you can copy your data on both android and as well as on ios devices.

The methods described below are officially recommended by the LINE application, therefore these are completely safe to use. So, let’s check them out and backup line chat history in simple ways.

Backup line chat history by any trans

To backup line chat history in iOS, there are many third-party applications available. These third-party apps enable the users to the backup line chat. In the first method, we will recommend you to use any trans to execute the process and create the backup of your line chat.

Features of the Any trans application

Here are the exclusive features of any trans application and the various things the application allows you to execute.

  • Any trans supports the users to backup SNS chat history which includes WhatsApp, line, and Viber
  • Users can restore the line chat history from computer to iPhone as well as from iPhone to iPhone easily.
  • Once you backup line chat history users can read the line chat history on a computer easily.
  • The whole process executed is safe and sound. You don’t have to worry about information leakage at all.

Now, let’s move ahead in the depth tutorial and understand each and every step carefully. Also, to begin with the process make sure to install any trans on your computer and follow the steps mentioned below. In-depth tutorial to the backup line chat.

Step1- Install the nay trans application and run the file on your computer. The installation process will not take much time and will be completed in less than a minute.

Step2– Connect your iPhone to it.

So you want to create the entire backup of your line chat and you have no idea how to go about it. Well, you have landed the perfect place. As in this guide,

Step4- From the drop-down menu, choose the social messages manager and then move your mouse pointer to the line application icon. Choose backup.

Step5- Now, click the right arrow to start the backing up process. You can also easily encrypt your backup and can even change the path of your backup on this page.

Step6- When the backup process is entirely finished, you can view the backup file on your computer.

The application ensures that users can safely back up the data without any information leakage. Hence, a must-try application if you want to backup line chat super easily.

Method 2- Backup Line Chat History Via Line App

This is another easy way to create a backup of your line chat. If you use the line application on any iOS device such as an iPhone or iPad you have an extremely easy way to backup line chat entirely in one go. The only condition is you need to meet the important requirement only then this method is a piece of cake for you.

The line app for ios devices, backs up your messages to iCloud so you need to make sure that this service is enabled on your iOS based devices. Following are the prerequisites:

  • You need a line version of 6.4.0 or later
  • Ios 8.1 or later
  • iCloud drive enabled

Once you make sure that you fully fill all these requirements, you are good to go and can easily create the backup line chat history easily. These prerequisites are mandated without this you won’t be able to execute the process efficiently.


Apart from these methods and software, there are other tools also like mobile trans. You can also use mobile trans to the backup line chat easily. The best part is that mobile trans back up the chat history directly and doesn’t involve the use of any third-party application. It also supports the transfer of many other data types in one single click. The process might take a minute or 2 depending on the amount of data you need to backup or data you need to transfer from one operating system to another. 

Therefore, in this guide, you have got the best ways to the backup line chat history now you can choose the best according to your requirements and you are good to go. Make sure you follow the exact same steps as skipping any step might ruin the data processing the backup procedure.