What is compressed air and what is it used for? Get the simplified answers in this beginner's guide to basics of compressed air.

What Is Compressed Air and What Is It Used for?

Did you know that compressed air systems account for 10% of the electricity usage in US manufacturing industries? You’ll find compressed air in virtually every home, business, and industrial location.

This leads to the question, what is compressed air? Surely, it must be special if it’s so widely used across so many industries. Surprisingly, it’s not. Compressed air is a simple solution that’s easily adaptable.

Read this guide and learn about compressed air and how it’s used in your home, businesses, and industrial settings.

What Is Compressed Air?

Air that’s compressed is the same air that we breathe every day. The only difference is that it’s pushed into a confined space to increase the number of molecules in a space. You’ll notice that compressed air tends to be hotter because compressing it makes the molecules faster, increasing the temperature.

The benefits of compressed air are that it’s an efficient, affordable, and clean way of storing and transporting energy. It’s also significantly safer than using alternative methods of energy storage, like steam or batteries.

To use the compressed air, the compressor attaches to a tool or machine. The release of the air is the release of energy to cause a mechanical movement.

Consumer Applications

The most common use of compressed air for most people is in their car tires. An air compressor is the tool you’ll use to fill your tires with air to the ideal pressure. Another common use for compressed air is in balloons.

If you like to work around the house, then you may be familiar with some small pneumatic tools. These are tools that get additional power from an air compressor. You could use a nail gun, drill, stapler, or paint sprayer.

When hammering in a nail, you’re limited by the power of your swing. When using a pneumatic nailer, you can increase your power and hammer in nails that you wouldn’t normally be able to secure.

Business Applications

Compressed air systems find a place in medical and dental applications for suction, circulation therapy, or aspiration. It’s used in office settings to automate document management with collating inserters, envelope openers, or vacuum frames.

Gast air compressor is efficient, smooth flowing, and quiet, making it the perfect compressor-style for various applications.

Industrial Applications

In an industrial setting, compressed air powers heavy machinery. It can work outdoors for sewage aeration and air sampling. An air compressor could make mixing a large volume of building materials easier.

Compressed air can adapt to do everything from intricate, fine detailed laboratory work to large scale construction site applications.

How Can You Use Compressed Air?

As you can see, compressed air has a wide variety of applications from consumer to commercial and industrial. Now it’s time to change your inquiry from, what is compressed air, to how can I use compressed air?

Maybe you could upgrade your tools to pneumatic ones. Or you could get an air compressor for filling your car tires. If you own a business, there may be a better way of doing the processes you already have in place.

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