7 exciting career options after pursuing MBA in Oil and Gas management

MBA in Oil and Gas management is one of the booming industries worldwide. The world is about to enter a new horizon of energy that could last longer than the ones we have already exhausted. Multinational oil and gas production corporations, exploration institutions, marketing companies, power distribution organisation’s, energy, and power communications with the entire private and public sectors are hiring professionals in this domain. Some of the NGOs working for renewable energy sources also hire experts in these subject areas to look for possible alternatives that could suffice our need for oil and gas. You can also pursue an MBA in oil and gas in Dehradun to kick start your journey now! Here is a list of some exciting career options that can be explored with an MBA in oil and gas management. 

Retail and marketing manager:

Graduates in oil and gas management with some experience in the marketing domain are hired in such positions to handle the retail and marketing departments of the organisation. They are responsible for managing the target goals and meeting deadlines. Managers supervise the overall operational standards for effective marketing strategies. They incorporate all the latest marketing approaches for an organisation’s growth in general. 

Operations management:

 Oil and gas are one of the major industries providing a lifeline to all the communities worldwide. The operations are ought to be managed by the personals who understand the significance of safety measures in such subject areas. They must deal with highly inflammable products, so the professionals require a deeper understanding of the practices involved in the production of oil and gas. They also estimate the annual expenditures and manage the budget. Their job is just not limited to the office desk, they have to go out in the oil fields and check with the equipment and drilling procedures.

Pipeline operations specialist: 

Professionals dealing with the oil and gas industry acknowledge the impact of its products on nature. Pipeline operations specialists are experienced professionals who go out of the way to keep up with the safety measures while transporting such inflammable material. There is a network of pipelines associated with the production of oil, gas, and its by-products. The experts in this subject area conduct inspections to look for any possible loopholes in the system. 

Logistic and supply chain management:

 The oil and gas industry is blessed to have a specialised logistic and supply chain mechanism put in place. But this procedure requires experts dealing sophisticatedly with the supply and logistics of this material. 

Field engineers: 

Engineers are responsible for finding places that could yield oil and gas. This decision is made after a critical analysis of the place as the budget for drilling and placing the equipment for this purpose can sum up to a hefty amount. Engineers work with metallurgists to make things work out. 


The technology is updating daily and our gadgets require updates to work on the current scenarios. Technicians are constantly examining the equipment for increasing their efficiency. 

Reservoir engineer:

 They develop strategies for extracting the raw materials in a stipulated time as per the requirements of the business. They are well-equipped with all the technical methods for making the most out of a single reservoir. 

So, if you are aiming to pursue a career in this domain, then you must start training and updating your skills from the very beginning. You can also work with different organisations to find ways to incorporate efficient sources of energy into our daily lifestyle.