Real estate agent handing the house key to a client

How can I get my house ready to sell?

When it comes to selling a house, it can be difficult to get things moving and often homeowners feel unprepared. We’ve put together this handy article for you so you can make sure you’ve done everything you can to prepare for your house sale!

  • Redecorate

Redecorating is something that every homeowner should do when they’re looking to sell. There are several different levels that homeowners can redecorate, and no matter your budget you can find decoration tips to help you. If you’re looking to increase your property value, putting in a new kitchen or bathroom can make a dramatic difference, as well as helping to speed up your sale as buyers will be keener. For those who don’t have the time or the money to do this kind of work, sprucing up the house with a new coat of paint or rolls of wallpaper will make the place look much brighter.

Badly decorated properties are one of the biggest turn-offs for potential buyers, so taking some time to decorate will help you attract buyers and help you achieve your sale.

  • Know the sales process

Selling a house is a long, time consuming process and if you aren’t fully aware of the ins and out of it, it can be incredibly frustrating for you as a seller. If you know the general time frame of each step, and the delays that can come about in each of them, you’ll find that your sale feels smoother and you’ll be in more control. On average, it takes over 6 months to sell a house, and there are a number of delays that you could experience, from struggling to get viewers into conveyancing. Being aware of each stage of selling will ensure that you can have a better house sale, and not be concerned by the normal delays you’re likely to experience.

  • Know what you’re doing next

Homeowners sell for all sorts of different reasons. Whether you’re selling to buy elsewhere, or are selling an inherited property, knowing your next steps is important to make sure you’re ready for the sale. Some selling homeowners will experience issues with their next steps which mean their sale can be affected – the biggest one being a break in the chain. While there isn’t much you can do to stop a break, having a back-up plan can help you stay on track. Consider your options and make sure that you’re prepared for things to go a little wrong, so you can keep your sale in place.

  • Talk to your agent

When you sell your house, you’re relying on your estate agent to market your property perfectly, as well as get viewers in the door and encourage them to put the best possible offer in to buy your house. Some sellers will find that they struggle to interact with their estate agent, so make sure that you look at various agents in your area before you commit to one for your sale. You can speak to friends and family and find out their experiences with different agents and look online to see what other homeowners are saying to make sure you avoid agents that may not give you the best sale.

  • Decluttering

Decluttering your house is a great way to get ready to sell. It not only helps the house look cleaner and more organised for your advertising photos and for viewings but will reduce the amount that you have to pack and move when you do sell. Cluttered properties will often put potential viewers off as they can’t see past the stuff in the house, so you’ll likely find that decluttering helps you sell faster.

There are plenty of things that you can do to get yourself ready to sell, and with this list you should find it easier to move forward and achieve your sale.