Time for a Tooth Replacement?

Everyone dreams of having a gleaming, Hollywood smile but our teeth go through so much. They’re the stars of our smile, our bodies’ own cutlery and sound shapers. We grind, grit, bare, chew, chomp, tear and show off our pearly whites. They are the tools to our mouth and an integral part of our daily routines. 

All that said, as we traverse through life our teeth undergo a series of changes and anything could happen: injury, disease, aging and general deterioration. So, whether it is from a health, aesthetic or practical perspective, at some time or another we could all ponder a tooth replacement

Why Do People Go Through this Procedure? 

We’re a clumsy, brave bunch and throw ourselves into a whole host of situations. From nasty trips and falls to sports tackles, our teeth can sometimes be in the front line. Then, there’s no forgetting our vices- alcohol, smoking and sugar all contribute to the decline of our gums and teeth. We also can’t escape the inevitable aging process that takes places and makes us more susceptible to decay, cavities and loss. Basically, there’s an array of reasons as to why our teeth fall out. However, one thing is for sure: it’s everyone’s nightmare. Although now, it doesn’t have to be a perpetual one! That’s where tooth replacement comes in.

What Are the Benefits? 

Having a tooth replacement is beneficial in many ways, as it will:

  • Help keep your jaw healthy, preventing atrophy and bone loss
  • Provide support for adjacent teeth as any gaps could lead to misalignment 
  • Look and feel natural
  • Upkeep the balance of your face as gaps can eventually cause a sunken appearance
  • Be effortlessly easy to care for
  • Perform the same function as your other teeth allowing you to speak and eat as normal
  • Ensure that you have no more cavities 
  • Be a permanent and long lasting procedure
  • Look spectacular 
  • Give you back your confidence- you won’t be able to stop smiling!

Grin and bare it: How to Get Over Dental Fear

Ask anyone about their greatest fear or worry and a trip to the dentist’s is bound to come up. We all fret over the fates of our mouths and know that a whiz in the dental chair can be a scary endeavor. Nonetheless, we often forget how skillful our dentists are. They study for many years working long and hard. They are the doctors and engineers of our mouths and so, deserve a lot more credit than we give them. When undergoing a tooth replacement, your dentist will match the replacement’s color and shape to your existing teeth and make sure that everything will be in order for you. Essentially, the best way to tackle your dental fear is to trust them and know that you will get a dazzling smile at the end of it all.

In conclusion, there’s no reason why you can’t have the set of teeth you dream of! Especially given that the impact of foregoing a replacement could leave you with altered speech, unable to eat properly and feeling self-conscious. Instead, you can feel fabulous knowing you have a solid, shining and most importantly, healthy mouthful of teeth.