Should I Move From New York to Los Angeles?

Trying to decide if you should make the popular east to west coast move from NY to LA? There are a few things that you should know beforehand to help you better prepare for your arrival. A long distance move such as this is a big endeavor that must be planned in great detail if you don’t want to ensure a headache on the day of. Before you decide to make the move, here’s some important information to give you an idea of what to expect. 

Is it Better to Live in New York or LA?

When it comes to the cost of living, both cities are very expensive to live in. Moreover, there is no discernible difference between the two. However, you do get more bang for your buck on the West Coast when you consider the beautiful weather and the many opportunities available to you. For starters, the job sector is very robust and there are a lot of educational opportunities to be found in Los Angeles, CA.

How Much Does it Cost to Move From NYC to LA?

When contemplating the best way to make your cross country move, don’t be afraid to enlist the help of your local moving company. This will serve to help alleviate stress and tackle unforeseen circumstances more easily.

 Movers in LA are a great asset to have when you’re moving such a far distance, especially if you’re moving a large home. The average cost to move from New York to California is anywhere from $3000-$6400.

How Much Money Should I Have Saved Before Moving to Los Angeles?

The amount of money that you’ll need to save will be mainly dependent on the lifestyle you live. If you are a conservative individual and you don’t desire to live beyond your means in the least then you will need a minimum of $10,000. However if you are one who is used to traveling and don’t mind living a little beyond your means then saving about $5,000 will be enough for you.

How Can I Move From New York to California?

Tips to help you move from NY to CA:

  • Keep your belongings labeled and organized.
  • Be sure to find a moving company that has performed a similar move already.
  • Downsize to the best of your ability.
  • Figure out your method of transportation.
  • Take a fun route that you will enjoy on your trip to your new home in your new city.

Why Are So Many People Moving From New York to Los Angeles?

Beautiful Weather Year-Round

So why are so many making the move? To be honest it’s the constant beautiful weather that New Yorkers are seeking to take advantage of. Los Angeles’ location between the mountains and the coast are breeding grounds to create perfect weather year round. 

L.A. is a Very Diverse City

Living in Los Angeles will expose you to a myriad of diverse cultures. L.A. is the embodiment of America’s melting pot. There are over 140 different nationalities and nearly 100 different languages are spoken there to boot. 

L.A. has Many Educational Opportunities

Los Angeles features a city bustling with people filled with many exceptional colleges. So if you’re looking for higher learning than L.A is the perfect place for you. With 106 colleges within 50 miles of Los Angeles there is absolutely no shortage of educational options to choose from. 

Great Place for Sport Fanatics

When it comes to sports no other city does it quite like Los Angeles. Home of the L.A Lakers and the Clippers- L.A has a bevy of sports teams for every major sport in America. 

What is the Best Long Distance Moving Company?

CYNX is a notable company in both New York and California, with a lot of experience helping customers move from coast to coast. You’ll get affordable rates, professional service, and a customized plan to give you assurance that your transition will be smooth if you choose our team to help. If you’re interested in an estimate to get started, please contact us for more information.