What Additional Services Do Long Distance Movers Offer?

Maybe you’re contemplating enlisting the help of a moving company, but you don’t know if they can cater to your specific needs. Rest assured, we have assembled all of the services most moving companies provide. The following info will equip you with the knowledge of all additional services that are at your disposal. 

How do I Get the Best Deal on Movers?

You can secure a deal by simply booking their services well ahead of your actual move-in date. Here is a case where being proactive will pay literal dividends. Be sure to call your moving company to establish what will be the best time to move, based on their schedule. Keep in mind that some moving companies will lower their prices if you’re flexible to some degree on what day and time that they can agree to move your belongings. 

What to Know Before Hiring Movers?

There are a few tips that’ll be useful when you decide to hire movers. If you know how to approach the company and what to look for, it’ll make the transition smoother.

  • Avoid packing costs
  • Ask about any additional fees
  • Avoid signing blank moving contracts 
  • Ask for a thorough walk through on how the day will go
  • Be sure to get references on your movers
  • Don’t pay a large deposit for services that will be rendered

What Services Can the Moving Company Offer? 

Many people are aware of the storage services that may be offered by a facility, but there are other services that aren’t as well-known by the public. Here are some added services that a moving company may offer. These services are offered for an additional fee. 

  • Moving companies will transport your items upstairs for an additional fee if there are no available elevators. 
  • Companies will disassemble and reassemble furniture. 
  • Hoisting is an additional service whereby movers will hoist your furniture through a window if it will not fit through a door. 
  • For those who have a long driveway or there is a great distance to carry the furniture to reach your home, there are additional fees that you will have to pay if you want the movers to transport your belongings so far.
  • Shuttle services are available to people where a moving truck is too big for narrow roads. Therefore, smaller vehicles will be dispatched to perform the move. 

Should You Select Full Service Movers?

Enlisting the help of a full-service mover will depend on your individual needs. If you have the budget to cover the extra packing services and you are in need of a lot of help then full-service movers are the answer for you. Full service movers can save you lots of stress through their moving expertise. 

If you’d rather be a bit more frugal, you can opt to do most of the work yourself and then ask for help only with transportation. 

Do You Have to Help Your Movers?

Generally speaking, movers will not need any additional help. However, it is good practice to contact your moving company and ask them if there are any preparations that you can make to make the move smoother on moving day. 

What Can I Expect From Full-Service Movers?

Overall, you should pretty much expect to not have to do much of anything on moving day. They should pack you up, transport your home, and arrange your things upon arrival at your new destination.  

Generally, disassembly and reassembly of your furniture are included in the services as well. 

What Qualities Make a Moving Company Reliable? 

Picking the right moving company can be a task in and of itself. For this reason we have a list of things you should look out for when searching for a reliable moving company

  • Official licensing 
  • Professional and courteous movers
  • Competitive prices
  • Great reviews
  • No hidden fees

GPS Moving specializes in catering to the customer and creating a tailor-made moving plan from start to finish. If you’re hesitant to commit, we’ll give you a breakdown of the services that we can offer and what we think we’ll be best to meet your needs at an affordable rate. Call us today to begin your consultation!