Why Shop at a Family Owned Garden Center?

Having a garden is one of life’s joys. Our own little green corner of the outdoors. 

The room with ever-changing backdrops; nature as its wallpaper. Long, lazy, sun-drenched afternoons of laying on the grass with a good book and the soft hum of music thumping from speakers. Sizzling hotdogs, flipping burgers, charring chicken and corn on BBQs, the irresistible smoky scent pouring into your nostrils as you hear the pop of a beer top. Pool days with girlfriends. Chuckling children, dog barks and endless laughter. Watching crispy leaves of rich red, tawny brown and golden yellow tumble onto the lawn. Looking down at snowmen glistening in the moonlight. Watching shoots grow and bloom breathing in their soft, fragrant perfumes. 

Our garden is our haven, a place of life that deserves some real TLC. No matter what space you have to work with or what you want out of your garden, so much can be achieved by visiting a family owned garden center. It’s the best way to create a fully functioning and simply fabulous backyard.

1. Genuine Green Thumb Goodness

The passion and dedication is second to none. Unlike big chain stores, the staff are there with real, authentic love for this industry. It’s a sure bet that they’ll have been around in your local area for years and with that comes a deep knowledge and a special expertise. They’ll be able to advise you on what thrives in the conditions of your area and introduce to you to an array of native delights to spruce up your garden with. You’ll find that the displays will be gorgeous, well looked after and hence, you yourself will receive the very best quality flowers, trees, soils, seeds and mulches. 

2. You’ll Be Helping Your Local Community to Flourish

Nowadays, we see so many small, family business go under, replaced by big corporate multiplexes and faceless online retailers. 

We should make the effort to shop locally not only to support our neighbors, but also, so that the income can go back into the community and do something really good for the people who live there. After all, we can prosper together when we come together. 

In the case of family owned garden centers, they often stock in local produce from other little business and shops too. Products like yummy preserves, dressings, pickles and other such foodstuffs, a range of crafts, pottery and accessories. So, you can help several families and small businesses all at once!

3. Gardener Galore

A garden center is a great place to bump into other horticulture enthusiasts. You can bond over blooms and have some real organic conversation about your shared love for nature. Not forgetting to swap tips and tricks! There may even be some events running at your local family ran center where everyone can get more in touch with the outdoors.

Ultimately, so much can be done from shopping locally especially when it comes to something so personal, natural and real. Why not have a peruse around your nearest family owned garden center and transform your own slice of our wonderful world.