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What is the Role of Social Networks to Keep Us Passive

Whether for the purpose of strengthening and establishing relationships, and also widely used for work and research in different areas, social networks continue to be increasingly present in the lives of about 80% of the world population, generating serious physical and psychological problems, which leads to a strong impact on people’s lives.

What a lot of people don’t know is that apps like Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, and Twitter that seem to be harmful, were created with several “attractions” bringing the intention of generating dependency and making users more and more connected and in need to consume them.

What people do not realize is that social contact is essential for our evolution and mental health, we have the need to relate, because we are not machines.

So we need to be aware if we are not being victims of the system. We may be distancing ourselves from what we do we want and like without realizing it.

This ends up causing distance and social isolation. Obviously unconsciously. The proof of this is that more and more people are avoiding each other. Eye to eye and physical contact are no longer needed.

Another worrying factor is that we can increasingly observe people, more and more with the habit of comprar seguidores teste, a lot of it does this in order to get likes.

But it is obvious that this type of behavior happens in a veiled way, and ends up going unnoticed by our routine.

Distancing and Social Isolation

We don’t realize it, but social distance becomes more and more common and present in our lives because of social networks. Whatsapp can be used as an example. The fact that we can talk to our mother, father or any member of the family at any time of the day ends up taking us away from the need to obtain physical contact.

There are people who report that they no longer insist on reuniting the family on Sunday, or meeting the closest friends and relatives, as the social network ends up arousing the feeling of daily and weekly coexistence.

And we don’t have to go that far, social distance can be noticed in tables in bars, restaurants, where people cancel the other person’s physical presence and just talk through the mobile device, as if the object couldn’t be put aside and it was a extension of the person himself

The dependence is so frightening that there are people who, because they feel alone on social networks, or with the intention of meeting other people instantly, start to comprar seguidor Instagram  on apps like Instagram for example.

Stay tuned! You can be more of a victim

There are countries like Brazil for example, that the estimated time of daily use for each user logged in an application like Instagram, for example, can reach up to 9 hours. Since there are people who use networks nonstop with only short breaks.

This information creates an alert, as experts already claim that the use of social networks in excess, in addition to disrupting social life, can bring about various physical and psychological disorders, damaging relationships and bringing postural and eating problems, and in some cases they can reach higher levels of anxiety such as shaking and tachycardia.

Health professionals still claim that the issue must be treated seriously and that we need to observe and be attentive to our own behavior, as we may be victims of this relentless system.

We can mention as an example the high levels of obesity, especially among young people and adolescents. If we compare this new era with the older generations, such as our parents’ generation, we can easily conclude that young people and teenagers from fifteen years ago had little or no health problems.

Damage to the New Generation

In our parents’ time, relationships were stimulated in a healthy way through a lot of coexistence, eye to eye was common, as there were no social networks.

This happened because in childhood there was a stimulus for activities that related us, through more playful games, such as baleô, jumping rope, tag, in short, activities that made the body always have movement and functions such as balance and motor coordination to stay always on.

Nowadays, thanks to easy access to technologies, young people spend more time at home or on the street online, much of the time in front of the computer or even cell phones talking, researching and even relating through social networks.

What we can conclude with this article is that everything should be used in a moderate way. It is obvious that apps like Instagram, Whatsapp and Facebook are a hand in the wheel in many people’s lives.

Through them it is possible to publicize works, meet and find people to do research … in short, a series of activities. However, we need to be aware of what we are like and how we use the tools.

Wisdom is the key word, so that we can make the best use of what each application has to offer without having to affect our relationships

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