Bus and Motor Coach Wifi Installation: A Guide for Fleet Companies

Fleet companies manage different vehicles; some are buses and motor coaches while others are trucks, cabs, and vans. These vehicles have different needs. For instance, buses and coaches should have wi-fi and entertainment systems for passengers. So, whenever a new vehicle is added to the fleet, motor coach wifi should be among the first things to be installed. Likewise, it should also be installed when the company wants to upgrade the current internet connectivity or when there is a problem.

So, when planning to install bus and motor coach wifi, there are certain things to consider as a fleet manager or owner for that matter. And this guide is perfectly designed for you.

Decide What Your Fleet Needs

For new bus fleet companies, making a decision about what they want might be an uphill task unless they hire a professional or consult widely. But a company that has been in operation will make a decision about the motor coach wifi they want very fast.

Generally, knowing which wi-fi system is good for any passenger bus company is determined by the number of anticipated users, the amount of internet bandwidth expected to be in use, and of course, the budget.

Choosing the Right Installation Service Providers

The fleet solutions market is getting bigger by the day. So, it might be easy to find a good motor coach wifi installation expert with ease. Just search for a reputable expert near you so that it is easy for them to send technicians to where your company is located.

When choosing these experts, make sure that they have the licenses to operate and that they have skilled technicians who know their work very well. This way, you will not incur unnecessary costs repeating the work or lose clients because of a non-functional motor coach wifi system.

Select Your Devices Well

For a properly functioning motor coach wifi system, you need to have state-of-the-art devices installed in your buses. It is recommended that you check these guys out to see modern wi-fi devices that are trending in the market. Basically, you need the following for a successful motor coach wifi system.

  •       Cellular internet receivers – The device is installed somewhere near the dashboard of the bus and powered using the vehicle battery. It receives the internet from the service provider using cellular GSM or any other similar technology.
  •       Wi-fi routers – These devices transmit motor coach wifi to the passengers. Various wi-fi router models support different maximum numbers of device connections, and it is prudent to buy one that will suit your users. It must be powered as well to function.
  •       Connecting cables – The cellular internet receiver and the wi-fi router require internet cables to connect them.


The last phase is ensuring that everything is working well. The technician should make sure that the motor coach wifi routers are working and that there is no future problem that can be prevented now.

With such a successful installation, the expert should configure everything so that there is a username and a password. They should also train the staff on how to change the password, reset the routers, and troubleshoot minor hitches.