PDFBear’s Compress PDF: A Trustworthy PDF Resizer Tool

Why do we need to compress or reduce the size of our PDF files? Well, a Portable Document Format (PDF) can sometimes be a burden despite its incredible compact feature. PDFs tend to increase their size when they contain enormous components such as images, tables, etc. 

With this, you may experience many incompatibilities in making essential processes such as web uploads and printing. That is why we need one reliable software over thousands of them online. Luckily, PDFBear is a complete software ready to serve you for whatever purpose. 

To learn more about its excellent service, check out the following. 

How to use the compressor tool?

PDFBear’s compressor tool is one of the best-love tools that allows you to compress PDF file size within seconds. PDFBear tops other competitors because of its fast and straightforward instructions. 

With PDFBear’s compressor tool, you will not have any more delayed projects and assignments. If you are entirely new to this kind of online tool, PDFBear makes sure to provide convenience for you with these four quick and uncomplicated steps as follows. 

  1. The very step thing you need to do on their server is to upload your hefty-sized PDF document. Simply click on the “Select Files” tab and browse through your folder, or for a faster upload, drag the file and drop it on the PDFBear’s server. 
  2. Automatically, the tool will start analyzing the whole document; then, it will begin the compression right away. 
  3. This time, you are not required to do anything in the process. The resizing process should not last for minutes. Please wait for a few seconds. 
  4. Finally, after a few seconds, your freshly compressed PDF file will be ready for you to download. You can save the file immediately on your device or share it on your Google Drive. 

Outstanding compressor 

If you are searching for PDF software that is excellent and works without charges, PDFBear is perfect for you. PDFBear is easily the best choice for reliable software. Besides its free service, PDFBear ensures to provide the best quality result. You can expect the most accurate document even after it has been compressed. 

PDFBear uses Solid-Framework, a superior technology that supports the compressor tool in keeping the file’s original quality. From its font styles to the most important images and graphs, PDFBear keeps these components intact and correct.

Moreover, if your file reaches up to 1 GB in size, it should not be an issue with PDFBear. PDFBear’s compressor tool can reduce the file up to 70%. With this, you can finally deal with several incompatibilities in sending, uploading, or printing files online. This is indeed incredible to think of, mostly if you often work with PDF documents in school or work. 

An excellent file security system

More people get a lot of uncertainty in using online software that involves uploading documents online with confidential information. It is because other PDF sites seem to offer tools like PDFBear but fail to protect the user’s files. 

PDFBear could be the safest software for you. You and your file’s security is the topmost priority of PDFBear. Any future users won’t have to be doubtful in uploading any files on their system since it is safely protected by an advanced security system that encrypts your files. 

Besides that, PDFBear also uses a different technology that regularly monitors your documents and permanently deletes them one hour after the compression process. Therefore, you don’t have to think about your file being accessed by unauthorized users. 

PDFBear allows cloud compression.

PDFBear can be anywhere you may go. Whenever you need to compress a large-sized PDF, the PDFBear’s compressor tool is accessible through the cloud. Cloud compression solely requires you to secure a stable internet connection and a functional device, and you are good to go. 

With this fact, you no longer have to download and install different applications to access their tool. On top of that, the whole process does not consume your device’s space storage since it all happens in the cloud and saves uploaded files in the cloud storage. 


PDFBear makes significant popularity over thousands of websites online because of its high accessibility. It doesn’t matter whether you use Mac, Windows, Linux, or even Android devices. It means you can easily access PDFBear’s services and tools as long as you have an internet connection. 


Only with PDFBear, you can have the safest, fastest, and best quality file compression. With all those benefits mentioned above, there is no doubt why PDFBear is a leading PDF software available today.