The Fantastic Health Benefits of Paddle Boarding

Paddle boarding did not begin as a sport. Some believe surf instructors first used it in Hawaii as they helped new surfers in the water. After some years, 

paddle boarding became its own sport and pastime. 

One of the reasons that paddle boarding has caught on around the world is it’s good for your health. If you want to stay fit and trim, and have fun on the water, keep these health benefits of paddle boarding in mind. 

Excellent Cardiovascular Workout

Paddle boarding might look easy from the shore. But it can be an intense workout if you make it that way. You can boost its cardiovascular benefits by boosting your work rate, racing your friends, and more. Ensuring that you are always on the move on the board will increase your heart rate and circulation. 

If you make this fun sport a part of your regular weekly routine, your cardiovascular fitness will rise. This means you will have a lower risk of heart disease, joint problems, diabetes, and stroke. Who doesn’t want to stay healthy and live longer, right? 

Burns A High Number of Calories

One of the reasons that paddle boarding is one of the fastest-growing sports is that it burns many calories. How many calories does it burn? 

Well, walking is an everyday activity that many people use to stay fit and burn calories. But recreational paddling burns at least double the calories of a leisurely walk. In one hour of continually moving at a moderate rate on the board, you will burn up to 400 calories. 

If you ever decide to give racing a go, you could burn up to 1,000 calories per hour! 

Lowers Stress

Everyone has stress. If you get too much stress, it can damage your mental and physical health. It is always vital to keep stress levels under control to maintain your health. 

It has long been known that being on the water can relax the body and mind. There is something special about the sound of water and being outdoors that is soothing to most people. When you begin paddling and find your stroke and rhythm, you will feel the stress melting away when you breathe in the fresh air. 

The scenery also tends to relax you and stimulates your brain to make endorphins and serotonin, which increase your feelings of happiness. 

Full Body Workout

Running and biking are great ways to exercise, but you only are working your lower body. Paddle boarding works most of the muscles in your body. As you paddle, the forces go through the whole body from your neck to your toes. 

You also need to stand upright on an unsteady platform during your session. This means your leg muscles are always working. They need to stabilize you at all times to keep you balanced. As you paddle more, your back, shoulder muscles, and arms are continually working. Keeping your balance also works your core, back, and abs. 

This is a proper full-body workout, and you will feel it the day after! 

Increases Vitamin D Levels

Having enough vitamin D is critical for good health. If you are not out in the sun often, being on a paddle board will give you more vitamin D. Also, sunshine can help you destress and feel calmer. Whenever you get on your board, be sure you enjoy the sun, as long as you wear enough sunscreen. 


We hope you will consider paddle boarding regularly to add some variety to your workouts. Also, you will love the time you spend with nature and the water. The health benefits are worth getting on a paddle board regularly!