3 Tips for Creating an SEO Strategy for Your Niche Business

Are you looking for guidance on how to go about starting an SEO strategy for your business? You’re in the right place. Search engine optimization, or SEO, can be difficult to get your head around. This is why we’ve compiled three top tips to allow you to get to grips with understanding SEO. You can then begin to implement these in a niche business campaign. We’ll cover the importance of content optimisation, keyword choice, as well as the importance of internal and external links.

Choose the Right Keywords for Your SEO Strategy

Firstly, if you’re new to the concept of SEO, you can understand the basics at Search Engine Land. One of the most important factors in any SEO strategy is keyword research. Use Google Keyword Planner to find out what terms people are searching for in your industry. While you’re searching, think about what search terms you would want people to search if they were looking for your business. The more you do keyword research, the better the process will be.

In this guide to SaaS SEO, you’ll see that you need to make sure you finish your keyword research with a plan of which keyword you’re going to target for each of your pages on your business website. Remember to always try and find the keywords that have a decent search volume and aren’t flagged as too competitive to rank for. This is because if you rank at the top of page 1 on Google for a keyword, but nobody is searching for that term, you’re wasting time and resources.

Your Site Needs Internal and External Links

An internal link is when you’ve got a link on a page of your website that takes the user to another page on the same website. Moz teaches you about the basics of internal linking. Get your internal links correct in your SEO plan because Google reviews your internal linking to decide where to rank you. Each link will have an ‘anchor text’, which are the words your user will click. Ensure that the anchor text is relevant because this is how Google understands what that page is about.

You can create an advanced SEO strategy to build up your external links. But the first thing you need to do is make sure all of your pages are linked to each other enough times, with the relevant anchor text. A clever way of optimizing your anchor text is to use your target keyword for the page you are linking to.

Optimise Your Content

Perhaps the biggest task in your SEO Toronto strategy is to physically optimize your content. All you need to do is work your way through each page that you now have a target keyword for, and make sure you’re including enough mentions of that keyword. However, don’t overload the page with your target keyword because this is known as keyword stuffing, and Google is known for punishing websites that do this. The trick is to display user-friendly content with your keyword threaded throughout your headings and main text.