5 Signs Your Child Might Need Glasses

You know that your child’s doctor will let you know of any urgent problems with your child’s health. But let’s be honest, you worry about some of the other issues that could impair the way your child learns as they develop.

The quality of their eyesight is one thing you want to be aware of. While only an official appointment with an optometrist can determine the level of your child’s eyesight, but there are some small indicators that you can watch out for.

If you want to keep an eye on your child to see if they need glasses, read these tips that can help you tell.

  1. Frequent Squinting

One behavior that can indicate problems with sight is if your child often squints to see things clearly. It could be something close, like a book, or far away, like a sign.

If their eyes are having trouble focusing, it might be a sign there’s an underlying sight issue that needs addressing.

  1. Complaining About Headaches

While it can be difficult to tell when your child is having trouble or hurting, make sure you listen when they tell you.

If your kid is complaining about frequent headaches, especially after focusing on things like homework or reading, it might be a sign that their eyes are feeling unusually strained or overworked.

  1. Halos Around Lights

Don’t assume your child is making things up if they exclaim about seeing “halos” around light fixtures. Seeing blurry or scattered light is a possible sign of astigmatism or another sight problem.

This issue can be resolved with a fitted eye prescription from an optometrist’s office. But don’t wait for your child’s eyesight to worsen before you make an appointment.

  1. Losing Their Reading Place

If your child practices reading aloud, and you’re concerned if they have problems with sight, listen closely to their reading. They might need glasses if they frequently lose their place while reading or can’t make out all the words.

It’s possible your child will be wary about getting children’s glasses. They might even be self-conscious about wearing them.

To help them feel comfortable, check out some fun kids designer glasses to make them feel hip and cool.

  1. Fatigued or Irritated Eyes

Another sign that your child might have eyesight issues are if they often rub their eyes or complain about irritation.

It can take a lot of extra effort to intake information through their eyes when they can’t see properly, so their eyes will get tired and strained.

While irritation and fatigue might be normal for adults after a long day of work, irritation for children after only a short time of reading or watching something can be a sign of a bigger problem.

Does Your Child Need Glasses?

If you think your child might be struggling with their eyesight, it’s best to get it checked out just in case. While it might be a simple fix like less screen time, make sure there isn’t a more long-term issue with their sight.

Once you find out your child might need glasses, you’re a step closer to making life and learning a little easier for your kid. You’ll be glad you got their eyes checked.

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