6 Romantic Master Bedroom Decor Ideas

Here’s the cold, hard truth anyone in a partnership understands: relationships take work.

In the beginning, “honeymoon vibes” have to ability to take the place of hard work. You can ride a wave of butterflies and goosebumps for weeks or months on end. Romance comes easily and often.

As time goes on, though, romance becomes something you need to work at—and no, that’s not an oxymoron. While romance does take effort, attention, and care, that doesn’t mean it can’t be exciting. Don’t just take our word for it; see for yourself!


With these romance master bedroom decor ideas.

Keep reading for several ways to surprise your honey—or make a fun date out of brainstorming these decor ideas together. Whatever you do, make it intentional. Don’t forget to enjoy yourself and your spouse!

  1. Update Your Bedding Situation

Do you have unique bedding—or bedding that simply implies, “Let’s go to sleep”?

It’s time to give your bedding an update. We’re talking about the fitted sheet, top sheets, and duvet or comforter, as well as the material and the style. If you’re currently laying down each night on some drab bedding (think: scratchy cotton or your grandma’s floral print), there won’t be much incentive to be romantic.

But if you curl into bed at night and the sheets are silk or satin, and they’re romantic colors—dramatic blues, subtle reds, a hint of lace or embroidery—you might also take the time to light a candle or whisper sweet nothings in your partner’s ear.

  1. Turn the Lights Down Low

Nothing spoils the romance like a bright fluorescent light above your heads!

Instead, consider giving your lights an upgrade right along with your bedding. For romantic purposes, installing a dimmer switch is the way to go. When you have the ability to dim your lights, you can fit them to that evening’s mood or vibe.

When you crawl into bed at night, consider turning off the main overhead light and sticking with something subtle that casts sexy shadows on the bedroom walls. If installing a dimmer seems a bit much, you can switch out your bedside appliances for something a bit sexier instead, such as romantic fairy lights, vintage sconces, or a minimal LED light.

  1. Get Rid of the TV

Did you know that both sleep and marriage experts say that a TV in the bedroom results in poorer sleep and less sex?

If you remove the TV, you might find there’s more time for talking, unwinding, canoodling, romance. If taking the television away isn’t your cup of tea, that’s okay, too—we’ve got some other options.

You might think about installing the TV inside an armoire-style cabinet so that you can close the TV away for the night. You could also agree to keep the volume low and have the television on a timer, so it doesn’t wake you up frustrated in the middle of the night.

Finally, for a romantic touch, you might play a fireplace DVD in the background.

  1. Utilize a Full-Length Mirror

That’s right—to bring some romance into your master bedroom decor, we recommend having a gorgeous full-length mirror somewhere noticeable.

You can find a framed mirror at an antique shop, lending itself to a cool, vintage feel. You can also stick with something standard and traditional (but why do that?).

The point of buying a mirror isn’t for checking out your outfits before heading off to work—although that is a bonus. The point is to be able to see you and your spouse from a new perspective.

When you’re kissing at night, glance over at the mirror and give yourselves a little show. If the mirror isn’t near the bed, move it for the night! You’ll find all the excitement of watching something sexy, but it’ll be even better knowing it’s you two.

  1. Bring in Some Red Elements

Ahh, red—the color of love and romance.

It’s not a myth; it’s a reality. There’s color psychology that links the color red with emotions such as romance, love, and lust. Some men even find the color red more attractive, called a “red-sex link” in the research world.

So, if there’s no red in your bedroom at the moment, can you splash some of this vibrant color throughout?

Perhaps you can do so with a set of silky or velvety pillows, a framed print above the bed frame, or even a red candle or lampshade. Subtle instances of this color can up the romantic ante for both men and women. Try it out!

  1. Don’t Forget Something Fuzzy

If you haven’t guessed by now, texture and material go a long way when it comes to romance. They’re something sexy about silk, satin, lace, or velvet—it’s practically undeniable!

So, the next time you’re making a store run to the local Target or checking out on Amazon, see if you can find something fuzzy to bring into the bedroom. Soft doesn’t have to be cheesy. It can be really classy, in the form of an elegant blanket or a few extra pillows on top of your standard ones.

Which Romantic Master Bedroom Decor Ideas Speak Your Love Language?

As you peruse this fun and sexy list of master bedroom decorating ideas, what stands out to you? Which ideas call out to you and your partner?

How can you turn up the heat?

Use this fresh and innovative list of romantic master bedroom decor ideas to bring some spice back into your life and appreciate your spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, fling—you name it. There’s nothing like some silky sheets or dimming lights to get you in the mood for appreciating the one you’re with. We hope you enjoy it!

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