Are Free Online Courses Really Beneficial for Career Growth?

Doing certification courses to push your career forward is always encouraged as it aids in not just elevating your position in a firm but also adding additional digits to your paycheck. The fee associated with certification is something you have to bear, which is why you have to be selective about the course you opt for. If you are looking to do a certain certification just to gain more knowledge on the subject, then you can always search for online free courses. Even if you understand that paid courses are better most of the time but still if you decide to invest your time in doing a free course, you would like to know if it is really worth it as you will not receive any credit or certification for it like in paid courses.

We have listed here a few benefits of such free online courses that would make you reconsider taking up such courses.

1. It’s Free:

This is the obvious benefit which you cannot ignore. If you are looking to take up a course for which you do not seek certification and just need to upgrade your knowledge, you can always opt for a free course from a reputed academy so you know you are learning from the latest material. There are popular courses such as Advanced SEO for Free available online and as we know that SEO is the hottest term used by marketers, this course can be really a boost in your career. In the end, if you feel you need a certification, you can always pay for it later on.

2. You can Evaluate if a Subject Interests You:

You may feel that you are interested in a subject, but not sure if it is really something you wish to pursue. Take up a free course to make sure the subject is right for you. Once you are sure, you can look into similar paid courses.

3. There is a Wide Range of Subject Options to Choose from:

As it is free, you are not bound to just one subject, but you can always bounce around to learn different subjects for free. If you are just looking to enhance your basic knowledge about a few subjects, taking up a paid course in all of them will not be the right thing to do. Just learning the essence of each subject for free is something that would benefit you in such a scenario.

4. You Get to Network:

You can always network with peers on forums and discuss the subject to know more about the same. You also get to meet people in the same field hence it opens up more opportunities for you in terms of job opportunities. You can also discuss with them your current job challenges, as they can help you figure it out with their knowledge of the subject.

5. Helps You Prepare for Exams:

If you are looking to give certain online exams to gain international certification, then you will be paying to appear for the exam. A free course will help you prepare for such exams so you are thoroughly prepared and updated to pass the test.

The Bottom Line:

While a free course has its own benefits, you should also remember, everything free is not good. It is true that a few free courses are really worth your time, most of the courses you will find online for free, maybe outdated. You have to search for courses from a reliable academy to ensure you are using your time productively to enhance your career further.