A Guide On How To Take Care of Your Mattress Pad

A best mattress pad is made to lie on top of your mattress. What it does is to provide some levels of comfort. This is very useful, especially if you have a mattress that is worn out or you are uncomfortable with.

What Does A Mattress Pad Do?

In case you don’t know the function of a mattress pad, a best mattress pad serves many benefits or functions which include protecting the mattress, giving more or extra cushion and it also helps to prevent your bed sheets from being out of place or sliding around.

How do you take care of your mattress pad?

Even though your best mattress pad has sheets covering it, it should still be well taken care of. This will keep it clean and shield it from getting spoilt.

Five Ways to clean your mattress pad

Even before going to the market, you need to know how to clean a mattress pad. It is not hard. You just need to take note of some things.


Before I mention the five ways on how to clean a mattress pad, I will want you to know that you don’t need much materials. In fact, little is enough.

Now that I have made that clear, let’s proceed to the steps, which are:

1. Check The Care Label

For most products, there will be a manual or a handbook that will guide you on how to use that product.

Before you drop your mattress pad in a washing machine, check the care label first (if there is). It is important.

2. Vacuum your mattress pad

Before proceeding to wash it, you should check out if your best mattress pad needs some vacuuming. If it does, get a vacuum cleaner to do that.

3. Put your mattress pad in a washing machine

If you don’t have a washing machine, you can just wash it manually. Use a mild detergent while washing. If you’re using a washer, set the water temperature to warm or cool and then add your mattress.

4. Use a mild spot removal 

In cases where you have stains (blood, baby’s urine, etc.) on your mattress pad, you need to remove it with a bleach or spot removal. However, make sure it is a mild one. Go for one that is chlorine-free as you don’t want to spoil your mattress pad.

5. Dry in the dryer

After washing, you’ll have to dry them. If you have a dryer, you can make use of it.

If you don’t have a dryer, you can air-dry it by spreading it outside.

Wrapping Up

As you take care of yourself by brushing your teeth, bathing and eating daily, your mattress pad also needs some care (just that you don’t have to wash it daily!) If you want more nights of comfort and sweet sleep, taking care of your mattress pad is essential.

As a recap, check the care label, vacuum if necessary, wash, remove any stain and dry. And you can keep enjoying your mattress pad.