The Scoop on Waist Trainers

The interest in being slim and shapely is never likely to go out of fashion but today there is a much stronger accent on being healthy as well. Waist trainers have been seen worn by celebrities and are one of the latest trends in getting that shapely body. Is this just a fad or do waist trainers really work? Here are some facts about them:

A Shapely Waist

When to wear a waist trainer? It depends on the needs of the individual and the fitness goal he or she hopes to achieve. At one time it was very fashionable to have an ‘hourglass’ figure with ample bust and hips but a tiny waist. 

Although today the corsets that helped produce that look are thought unhealthy, the idea of cinching in the waist has been revived in Waist Trainers. These garments of heavy fabric are boned and fixed exceptionally tightly around the waist by laces, Velcro, or hooks and ties. 

There is no doubt that they give an appearance of a small shapely waist but they are becoming popular for more than this.

Why Waist Trainers are Different

Corsets, girdles, and tight belts are nothing new but the theory behind these ‘trainers’ rests on the belief of benefits from continuous long-term use. Advocates believe that the constant pulling-in of the waist stimulates a response and ‘trains’ the waist to a slimmer shape. 

Others support the view that these waist-cinchers are helpful in weight loss programs if worn in combination with exercise routines. 

Other Ways They Can Work

Apart from the ‘training’ aspects, waist trainers are likely to make users sweat and spot reduce in the mid-section area. The compression on the abdomen may also give the feeling of a full stomach and assist slimmers.

Views of Health Professionals

While there is no doubt that there is some concern over the long-term use of waist trainers, there have been some positive responses too. Some health professionals point out the encouragement to users of achieving the same effects by longer-term healthy living alternatives. More importantly, there is also real evidence of benefits post-C-section surgery.

Postpartum Support

Waist Trainers may assist new mothers during the natural recovery phase after the birth of a baby. In this time when the muscles of a woman’s body are stretched and weakened these garments may give some support and help reduce back pain. 

One study in the International Journal of Gynaecology and Obstetrics suggests that women benefitted by wearing waist support following C-section surgery. Less pain and bleeding were evidenced than in women who did not wear the supports.


Waist Trainers are tough garments designed to give tight support in the mid-section and can help improve spinal alignment and better posture. They are available for all body-types, just as how you can find an ideal plus size shapewear to suit your needs.


Fashion crazes may come and go but a slim and healthy body is something most people would like to achieve. Professional studies on the efficacy of wearing waist trainers at the moment are inconclusive but ongoing. 

Advocates though are convinced that they have positive effects in slimming the waist. Images of celebrities with enviable figures who agree may mean that wearing these garments will be more than just a passing fad.