Mary Poppins Makes the Cut As One of the Top Ten Theatre Shows of All Time

Theater lovers, who can’t get enough of classical plays or modern musicals, will have a gala time watching the top 10 theatre shows of the world. If you are planning to attend a play, musical or a movie, then you better go all out and plan accordingly. A trip to London theatre will definitely spoil you for a minute. In fact, a trip there will add more color to your life than ever before.


Every year, there is a different play, musical or movie performing at the top spot in the cinemas. Each of them creates a different effect in the hearts of audience members and some of them leave a lasting impression on the minds of viewers. But the best part is that most of these plays, musicals and movies do not cost much. That’s something that everyone looks forward to. Check out top theatre shows at


When we talk about the top ten theatre shows, the first and foremost performance that springs to our mind is The Lion King. Ever since its release, The Lion King has been a box office hit. It is a high-grossing movie that has many narrations, songs and dances. The Lion King shows the dramatic skills of an artist like Jim Croce, who plays the role of the king of animals.


There are many other plays and musicals that have created a stir in the world of theatre. Some of them are The Phantom of the Opera, Cats, Rapunzel and The Bridge of Hell. On the other hand, The Lion King is considered as a modern day play which has taken the country by storm. These plays and musicals apart, the movie industry also cranks out plenty of movies that make the top ten lists.


When people think about a movie, they immediately visualize a particular scene or plot line. But some movies are so good that they go on to become timeless classics. When it comes to art and music, there are hundreds of plays and musicals that have made people around the world to write songs and poems for them. Some of them are even known by name in the US such as Mary Poppins, Cats, Jesus Christ Superstar and Chicago. Each of these stories and movies has something unique to offer and most of all, they touch the heart of people who watch them. So this is why Mary Poppins makes the cut as one of the top ten best movies ever. Check out Wikipedia link


Mary Poppins makes the cut as one of the top ten best theatre shows of all time because it is a true story and a wonderful story to tell. People around the world have loved this classic movie since it was first shown in Disney cinemas. Apart from this, the special effects, story and music make Mary Poppins a very interesting movie and a great example of early cinema. So this is why Mary Poppins makes the cut as one of the top ten favourite theatre shows of all time.