What Causes People to Go Bald? (And How to Fix it!)

What Causes People to Go Bald? (And How to Fix it!)

Going bald is one of every man’s worst nightmares. And the earlier in life it happens, the worse its effects on a man’s self-esteem, confidence, and drive.

While sometimes it’s not possible to fully prevent bolding issues, especially if they have a genetic cause, the good news is that there are things you can do to act quickly and minimize your hair loss. If you have spotted some signs of going bald and are looking for more information on male hair loss and how to treat it, then read on.

In this post, we will reveal the top four reasons why some men go bald, and what you can do to treat your hair loss problem.

The Genetic Factor

Annoyingly, genetics play a big role in hair loss. So, if a close relative suffered from it, chances are that you might be at risk, too. Male pattern baldness, the official name of this type of hair loss, is pretty common and can’t be fully prevented.

However, you can try to reduce it by using specific hair products such as shampoos and anti-loss treatments, as well as tablets that you can take by mouth. Another option to address your balding issues might be getting a hairline tattoo.

Trauma or Intense Stress

Sometimes, sudden shocks and trauma can cause alopecia. This is caused by an immune response that attacks your hair follicles and causes your hair to fall out very rapidly.

Don’t dwell too much on this, though, as alopecia areata is very rare and only occurs after situations of extreme stress. The best solution for this is to try and keep your daily stress level to a minimum, practice mindfulness, and devote some time each day to wind down and do something pleasant just for you.

Certain Medications

It’s been noted that certain prescription drugs, including retinoids, antidepressants, steroids, and medications for thyroid issues. If you are taking any of these, we’re not suggesting to stop: simply speak to your doctor and find out if other options are available.

Your Lifestyle Choices

What you put on your plate, the quantity and quality of your sleep and the amount of exercise that you manage to fit into your busy schedule all have huge repercussions on your life. And yes, this includes hair loss. Eating a poor diet, not sleeping enough, and being sedentary can contribute to exacerbating a hair loss problem.

Want to ward off hair loss? Then start looking after yourself and try to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Take Action Quickly if You Spot Signs of Going Bald

Once you have noticed any signs of going bald, the most crucial thing to do is to take action rapidly to try and pinpoint the cause and, as a result, pick the most suitable treatment.

Yes, in some cases hair loss can’t, unfortunately, be stopped, but the right products and care can successfully minimize its impact on your life. And if you haven’t spotted any early signs of going bald, then don’t just consider yourself lucky! It probably has to do with your healthy lifestyle.

So, make sure that you continue to eat a balanced diet, exercise with regularity, get plenty of sleep, and keep stress to a minimum. This will definitely help you to stay on the right path and decrease the chances of getting bold later on in life.

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