How to Dispose Off Your Mattress

There comes a point when it is clear that you have overused your mattress. Then, you may need to learn how to get rid of a mattress. This article will show you how.

What to Look for to Know You Need to Change Your Mattress

Wear and tear, changes in the quality of your sleep, sagging mattress, waking up feeling tired, hammocking, increased difficulty in falling and staying asleep and noisy springs are what can precipitate your decision to change your mattress.

Once you notice any of these things, you need to consider how to get rid of a mattress. Read on as we talk more on this.

Practical Ways To Get Rid of Your Mattress

1. Donating Your Mattress

You may decide to donate your old mattress instead of disposing of it. 

However, you must make sure your mattress is fit to be donated.

How Do You Know If Your Mattress Is Fit To Be Donated?

  1. Make sure your mattress is not infested. Any mattress infested with bedbugs or mold are unsuitable for donation.
  2. If your mattress has structural problems like wear and tear, broken, jutting or bending coils, it should not be donated.

III. Unremovable stains on mattress can hinder it from being donated.

You can donate to large organizations, orphanages and churches.

2. Give it away

Another thought on how to get rid of a mattress is giving it away to friends, family and loved ones.

3. Recycling your mattress

If you can’t donate it or give it to loved ones, another way on how to get rid of a mattress is by recycling it.

Now that you have decided to get rid of your mattress, you may start to think of how to move a mattress. You need to know how to move a mattress without having headache.  

But, before we talk on how to move a mattress, you should evaluate it. These are ways of evaluating your mattress:

  • Consider the size and age of the mattress

If your mattress is old, let’s say 7-10 years old, then you should move it.

Also, the size matters. The larger the size, the more challenging it is to move it.

  • Select the right vehicle

Now that you have considered and known the size of your mattress, you can start thinking of the right vehicle to move it. You don’t want to fold it, so you should find a suitable vehicle.

You have evaluated these. Now, let’s talk on how to move a mattress.

How to Move a Mattress

You may need the following equipment:

  • A mattress cover
  • A plastic bag
  • Screwdriver
  • Wrench
  • Moving straps


  1. Buy a mattress cover and bag
  2. Put the mattress in the cover and place it in a plastic mattress bag.
  3. Move furniture and any obstacle out of your way.
  4. Carry your mattress to the vehicle.

Ask Friends To Help You

Since most mattresses are hard and heavy, you can employ the help of your friends to move it for you. You can provide some food or light refreshments for them.

  1. Secure your mattress with moving straps.

Wrapping up

Knowing how to get rid of a mattress and how to move a mattress don’t have to be difficult. If you follow the steps above, you’ll find things easy.