Tools only top professionals use (and you might not even know existed)

When we see professionals doing difficult or unusual jobs, we always wonder how they achieve such fantastic results. 

However, this is not just down to the beautifully honed skill set and experience that these professionals have. It is also down to their unusual and fascinating tool kits. Some of these tools are so high-end and niche, you might not have even heard of them. 

So, from contractors to chefs to studio artists, let us explore what incredible tools they use.

A Printing Press

Printing presses find their home in art studios all around the world. These are a panel of wood that is placed between two rollers and is operated by a wheel. It presses ink from hand-made stamps, such as lino prints, onto damp paper to create interesting and incredibly unique artworks. 

Using these properly can create gorgeous pieces of artwork or a series of prints very quickly. 

Welding Rods

Contractors use a welding rod to help fuse two pieces of plastic or metal together. These require a very steady hand and can be quite tricky to use. This is the secret to how they get such perfectly straight lines when they are welding together pieces of metal or plastic for maintenance or construction work, such as roofing or kitchen making. 

The results you can get from such a handy little tool can be quite spectacular. 


Mandolins are cutting devices used by chefs to get equal-sized portions and slices of fruit. They keep everything uniform so it all cooks at the same speed and aids with the all-important presentation of the dish. 

They also help save time in a busy kitchen environment and allow faster preparation of fruit and vegetables. Some basic versions are available on the high street but are usually not of the same quality as those used in your local restaurant.

Sliding Bevel

A sliding bevel is an angle measuring tool used by carpenters and woodworkers. It consists of two sliding adjustable pieces of wood that can be fixed in place to get the right physical angle, and can also act as a wedge. 

These are incredibly handy tools for workmen, yet they are almost unknown among the legions of home handymen and do-it-yourself enthusiasts

Garden Syringe

Garden syringes were often used in the late 1800s to distribute insect repellent and poison, but they are also still widely used today. However, they now come in the form of plastic syringes that are easy to clean and maintain. 

Many gardeners use these to put small quantities of blackfly repellent very precisely on plant leaves so as not to affect anything else. They are also easy to store, so they are great to keep in the shed and not waste room due to an awkward size.

These five tools are usually only used by top-end professionals, but can often be easily mastered by the enthusiastic amateur and can improve the results in your garden, kitchen, or your workshop.