Guard PDF From Unauthorized Access With GogoPDF Password Protect

Most of the PDF form documents are useful in the usual encounter of documentation for any work-related presentation. The majority of these files contain private and confidential details that will always risk getting unauthorized access. Once accessed wrongly, these files may cause a threat to a company or the personal identity of a person if used for an evil plot. 

It is where the brilliant features of GogoPDF on handling security shines. It has equipped its password protection procedures that will give PDF format files safety against these unscrupulous threats. Here are the best ways to follow, and remember to let your PDF files undergo this highest security level using GogoPDF magnificence. 

Protect  A File Using Four Easy Steps

To avail of the password protect PDF feature of GogoPDF, the user must follow four easy steps to guide them properly. It will start with selecting which PDF file will need to be protected. Make sure to choose the correct file that requires a high level of guarding. With the options of dragging or dropping, the selected files get placed in a toolbox.

The second step will require the user to key in the password. The users should remember that a strong password should include the right symbol, capital letters, and numbers. The third step will then happen after getting accomplished by merely clicking the button used to Encrypt PDF to continue the process.   

Finally, the last step will be the downloading and saving process of these files. The users can opt to save it directly to a computer device or send it instantly through email for an urgent document presentation deadline. There is also an option of saving it to Google Drive or Dropbox.

Easy Accessibility 

With GogoPDF processes available online, there is a guarantee of multiple access to all known operating systems, namely Linux, Mac, and Windows. The users will not feel the need to install any software to get the password protection done. Only with a reliable internet connection can the entire method guard a PDF file get to efficiently commenced.

The limitation of location is not a hindrance for users to avail of this password protect feature. This online capability of GogoPDF enables its system to work smoothly to all types of browsers like Internet  Explorer, Opera, and Safari. It can then be accessed anytime using handy gadgets from smartphones, laptops, and tablets. 

Trust also that the online process of creating a password to protect the PDF file gets secure storage in a cloud. With this feature on hand, there is a peace of mind given to the users that the process will flawlessly complete reliably online fast and accurately. 

Create A Strong Password

This online tool from GogoPDF puts firm strictness in accepting the type of password. The users must vitally remember to create the right kind of password. The feature takes only passwords containing details of character, number, symbol, and letters that should be specific and strong. Lacking in any of these items will surely give a weak kind of password. 

The Process Secures A File Privacy

Do not focus on the thought of fear that a PDF file will get wrong access once subject to password protection. The GogoPDF features make it their responsibility to not only do a password protect process go brilliantly and accurately but also to its users’ overall need. One of which is the protection also of the privacy of the file uploaded.  

When each PDF file undergoes the password protection process, it ensures that the uploaded file will be removed instantly from the server within an hour after the entire process gets completed. The passwords are also not permanently stored on the server. It gets deleted after the whole process gets completed. 

Strong SSL Security

The dependability of the features of GogoPDF is worth every effort. It gives its users assurance that the PDF files will get that utmost guarding through their SSL protection feature. The Secure Sockets Layer ingenuity of this process makes it incredibly appealing for its users to avail. 

This type of rigid protection feature creates the security of protocol for encryption using a specific algorithm that scrambles data. It becomes an effective tactic that disables cybercriminals from accessing vital transferred detailed information. 


There is no better way to stand against unauthorized access to a PDF file but to make a right and reliable password. With GogoPDF features that can accomplish this kind of protection, there is a reliable assurance that an extensive guarding measure will be in place to keep the PDF files free against any malicious threats.