Types of SERP Features

SERP features are the features that appear in a Google result page when you search for something. If you search for a particular product, not only the website links appear. With the evolution of technology and search engine algorithms, results that appear are also updated. 

Without SERP features, a Google result page will look like a page with ten blue links. It is also now extremely rare to see any search page without SERP features. Only 2.68% of web pages are displayed without any SERP features.

Types of SERP Features

In Google, there are lots of SERP features. The most common among them are, 

  • Featured snippets 
  • Advertisement at the top and bottom 
  • Video carousels 
  • Rich snippets 
  • Question boxes 
  • Knowledge card or panel 

Featured Snippets

Featured snippets are large boxes that appear at the beginning when you search for something. If you search for any listicle, these boxes appear. These boxes contain the answers that are on the list within themselves, along with the link below the box. 

These snippets usually appear at the beginning of the page after the ads are displayed. This was during the very beginning when snippets were first introduced. In recent times Google’s algorithm has changed a lot. It has now started to display these snippet boxes in the middle of search results. They do not appear in the end but somewhere in the middle. 

These featured snippets have a considerable amount of organic click rate of about 8%.

Advertisement at the top and bottom

You all might have seen this. Almost everyone who uses Google would have seen the advertisements at the beginning and the end of the page. Normally Google ads have only two slots; the top of the page and the bottom of the page. 

Advertisements at the top get more views than the ones at the bottom. The organic click rate for these advertisements is 3%; it is far lesser than a featured snippet.

Video Carousels 

These are a set of videos from YouTube. They are displayed on top of the search results when you search for something like, “How to …”. They appear in sets, usually three at a time. If you keep on scrolling, you might find up to 10 videos in a single row. 

The count of the videos displayed also depends upon your search. These videos most appear on the top of the page. People who were looking for an easy solution will most likely click them. This increases the views for a particular video. 

Only 6 % of all the searches display videos. It also depends upon the availability of videos on YouTube.

Rich Snippets

These are nothing but information that enrich your search results. In most of the Google results, there is a title tag description and a link. In the case of rich snippets, there is additional information below the link or below the description. This enables you to choose the aptest option. 

Rich snippets happen mostly when you are searching for something to buy. In some cases, they contain the price of the product you are searching for. This option will let you decide whether or not to keep the link and take a look at the product.

Question Boxes

Most Google searches contain a box of questions with the heading, “People also ask for.” Most of them are frequently asked questions pinned to the search bar. 

If you click on a particular box, it will expand and display the answer. Based on the type of question you click, the relevant questions will be displayed below. This box keeps expanding in relevance to the question you click. 

This will help the searcher to see answers for further questions without touching them in a new tab. This feature is purely based on artificial intelligence. The AI considers your preference and guesses the type of question you might ask next.

Knowledge Card or Panel

These knowledge cards appear at the right side corner of a Google search page. This box is more likely an information tab of a famous person or company or book or an event. 

The information for this knowledge card is not obtained from any specific website. Google gets information for this knowledge card from its knowledge graph. This card will provide all the information about a particular person or at least the available information. 

If it is about a company, then details like when it was started, its stock worth, and social media profiles will be available. Below that information, there will be a list headed as “People also search for.” This list shows the people who are related to that particular person or company or book.


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