Why Does My Carpet Look Worse After Cleaning?

You’ve just spent hours cleaning your beautiful carpet before a big party. But something has gone terribly wrong.

I think my carpet looks dirtier after cleaning—what’s the problem? Sadly, this can happen sometimes, usually due to common carpet cleaning mistakes.

If your carpet isn’t looking good after it’s been cleaned, it’s not the end of the world! You can often fix it, once you understand the cause.

To learn more, keep reading to find out the most common reasons for carpet that looks worse after cleaning.

Forgetting to Vacuum First

If your carpet still looks dirty after cleaning, that could be because it is dirty! One common mistake is forgetting to vacuum first.

Our carpets collect all sorts of dirt, hair, pet fur, and dust. Carpet cleaning is not going to remove these̦—only vacuuming will.

If you don’t vacuum first, you’re simply pushing around carpet dirt with your carpet cleaning machine. It’s best to vacuum first so that you have a clear surface to treat with the carpet cleaner.

Your Carpet Looks Dirtier After Cleaning If You Use Too Much Soap

If you accidentally use too much soap when cleaning, your carpet might look dirty. Using too much soap is going to leave a residue on your carpets, stopping them from looking their best.

This is a common mistake made by DIY cleaners, so you might want to hire a professional cleaning company for best results.

You can also improve your skills with these carpet cleaning hacks!

The Stains Can’t Be Completely Removed

If you still see brown spots after carpet cleaning, this might be because your stains can’t be completely removed. Unfortunately, some stains are more stubborn than others, so it may take several treatments before you see results.

Some of the worst carpet stains include red wine, blood, pet messes, and old stains that have had a chance to set. If your carpet has any of those stains, know that you might not be able to remove them completely.

If there’s nothing that can be done, you can always place a throw rug on top or a piece of furniture to hide the stain.

Using Too Much Water

Lastly, using too much water can also result in dirty-looking carpeting. Excess water is going to soak into the carpet and can be hard to remove.

Take care not to use too much water, as it can lead to water-stains or even mildew, if not removed.

Avoid These Mistakes When Cleaning Your Carpet

If your carpet looks dirtier after cleaning, you’re not alone. It’s a mistake many homeowners make from time to time, so be sure to avoid the common errors above.

While your carpet can benefit from regular cleaning, it’s a fine balance between having it look amazing or awful! Over time, you’re sure to master the best carpet cleaning techniques.

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