Desert Safari Dubai – An Adventurer’s Paradise

A popular destination among tourists, Dubai has everything for everyone. If you’re fond of history, you can visit the many museums the city has. For art lovers, there are art galleries and the upcoming event Art Fair. Families can head to the adventure and theme parks this emirate nestles while those seeking adventurous activities have a lot to enjoy as well.

When we talk about adventure-filled activities in Dubai, the desert safari is among the many things that come in our minds. It is an expedition that entails everything an adventure-freak would love to try. While the emirate has other exciting activities and tourist attractions, none can match the fun, action and thrill Dubai desert safari offers.

It is rightly known as an adventurer’s paradise for numerous action-packed activities it offers. Take a look at some of them:

Sand Boarding

It is a boardsport similar to snowboarding. The major difference being here is that it is performed on the sand; hence, the name sandboarding. In this sport/activity, you would have to stand on a board and ride across/down a sand dune. You can either have your feet strapped or have them loose, without bindings. It totally depends on your experience and preference.

If you don’t feel comfortable standing, try sandboarding lying on your belly or sitting down. It is a must-have experience that is full of adventure and fun, which you wouldn’t get to do in your routine life.

ATV Quad Bike Ride

Giving an ultimate adrenaline experience, it is a ride you wouldn’t forget ever. The scenic setting of the desert further makes it even more exciting and fun-filled. You and your partner can drive the quad bike across the mighty sand dunes and enjoy this exhilarating ride. It is a safe ride as you will be made to wear safety gears such as helmets, arm and knee pads, etc.

Dune Bashing

This is an experience straight out of action movies. The 4×4 vehicle you will be seated on will have an extremely thrilling ride in the middle of the desert, on mighty sand dunes. It is an off-road drive but with a difference as the car will be driven over sand dunes at varying speeds.

By the looks of it, this activity might appear unsafe to some. However, don’t fret. It is absolutely safe. The vehicles are driven by trained and experienced drivers who have years of driving cars on up and down these dunes. Furthermore, the tire pressure of these vehicles is reduced, so that smooth movement is ensured over the dunes.

Dune Buggy Drive

This is a special activity, which is not offered by a lot of companies. You can enjoy this thrilling ride on a 2-seater vehicle and race your way over the sand dunes. A professional and experienced driver will accompany you during this ride, while you will also be provided with proper guidance and instructions to operate the vehicle.

Camel Ride

Certainly not exciting as other activities in the safari trip, but it definitely deserves mention. It offers a different experience, which is both fun and exciting. You will be seated on the back of the camel to take a round of the campsite and the surrounding area.

This activity is particularly very famous among kids. So, if you’re tagging your kids along, make sure they enjoy this excitement-filled ride, even if you have to wait for a little in the line for your turn.

It is important to note that not all of these activities are part of every desert safari trip. They vary greatly from company to company. Furthermore, the package and deal you have selected also impact your overall experience and activities you will get to take part in during this expedition.

Dubai desert safari trip organisers usually offer three deals – morning, evening and overnight. The morning desert safari deal has limited activities, as compared to the two. Still, it is suitable for many who want to enjoy this experience in a short period. The evening and overnight deal have more or less the same set of activities, with the addition of overnight stay in camps in the latter. Shedding light on packages, they differ in terms of activities included and cost. Generally, there is a self-drive, basic, advanced and VIP package.

The self-drive package is self-explanatory as visitors will have to reach the campsite on their own. Those who have availed the basic package, they will be picked up from certain designated spots in the emirate. For advanced and VIP packages, guests are picked up from their hotels or accommodations. The VIP package, in particular, is the best out of the lot as it offers ultra-exclusive treatment to guests to make their entire experience more comfortable and convenient.

So, select the best package and deal out of the lot and enjoy the thrilling experience of Dubai desert safari.