How Much Does Garage Door Repair Usually Cost?

A malfunctioning garage door can be a serious inconvenience, and the repairs can vary in price. Depending on what you need to be repaired your cost can be anywhere from $50 to $500.

Lucky for you we’ve put together this short guide to garage door repair prices. So get comfortable and keep reading with us.

Broken Spring or Cable

A broken spring is the most commonly seen garage door repair. This also usually the cheapest repair. These springs normally go for about $50 apiece, and each door usually has one or two.

A good way to prolong the life of your springs is to detach the spring once a year and manually open the door. Listen for scraping metal, and any imbalances.

Be sure to check your cables periodically, this is what keeps your garage door from falling if your spring breaks. If you notice any fraying or tearing it’s time to replace them.

Sensor Problems

When the sensors on your garage door go out it can keep your door from closing all the way. This can be checked by placing something in the doors way. The door should stop before hitting the object, and some models will retract the door after stopping.

If your sensors need to be replaced they start out at about $75 per sensor. Labor can cost anywhere from $80-$150.

Bent Tracks

Have you accidentally hit your garage door recently? You more than likely bent the tracks that your garage door use to retract. If the track is beyond repair a new one is typically going to cost you about $150.


The rolling wheels on your garage door are what let your door move up and down freely. Over time these wheels get worn, if you notice any chips or cracks in your rollers then you should definitely contact a professional for repair.

The professionals at can help you get this type of repair done quickly and easily.


If the panel is just dented it can easily be straightened out with a hammer. If It does have to be replaced, depending on the type of garage door this can cost from $150- $1,000, and service can be between $200-$500.

More About Garage Door Repair

By regularly checking the parts of your garage door you can avoid a lot of serious repairs. Always call a professional if you do find a problem. These parts can be high tension and can seriously injure you if they break.

If your door can’t be repaired, then you will more than likely need to replace the door altogether. This can have a big range in price tags from $650-$2400.

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