People get into relationships for different reasons. Some desire the security that comes with a serious relationship and others want the fun that comes with casual relationships. If you in the latter category, you will need to know the golden casual relationship rules.

The rules that govern serious relationships are different from those that govern casual relationships. Not being able to distinguish them can cause complications in both relationship types.

In this post, we will take a quick look at the rules that guide casual relationships; but first, we will look at the concept of casual dating.


To most people, the concept of a casual relationship has to do with dating someone without the commitment of getting married someday. While this is true, it does not in any way describe all that a casual relationship entails.

 A casual relationship is one in which neither party intends to stay together long term. Hence, the reason it is crucial that both of you have the same expectations. This will help avoid any emotional complications that could arise from misinterpreted expectations. 

Since, you now know what the concept of a casual relationship entails, it is time to take a look at some of the rules.


Here are the golden casual relationship rules you should know:

  • Be on the same page: The first casual relationship rule is that both parties must be on the same page. Make sure that your partner is okay with dating you only in the short-term. Tell them that you don’t want something so serious from the onset. This will help maintain some proper boundaries in your relationship and protect both parties from the hurt that could be felt as a result of different expectations. So, before you hit the top online dating platforms such as Happymatches, keep in mind that you will tell your partner that you are only interested in a casual relationship.
  • Respect is non-negotiable: Whether casual or serious, both parties in a relationship must feel loved and respected. Even the most casual of relationships must still have some level of seriousness in them. They are not the same as FWB (Friends with benefits). Hence, you and your partner deserve to be treated with respect — the only difference is that there is no serious commitment. 
  • Avoid Possessiveness: One of the perks of a casual relationship is that you are not compelled to stay faithful to one partner. While some casual relationships require that you tell your partner about every other person you are seeing, others do not. It all boils down to your agreement before and during the relationship. This implies either that you or your partner could be seeing more than one person at the same time. Avoid being possessive when you realize that they are seeing someone else besides you. Run from a partner that is possessive in a casual relationship as this is a sign that it most probably won’t turn out the way you hoped.

Casual relationships can be fun if you approach them in the right way but overwhelming if you don’t. Follow the casual relationship rules listed above to get the best out of any casual relationship.