5 Tips on Choosing Birthday Gifts for Best Friends

They’ve been with you through thick and thin, and you love them like family. They’re your best friend and it’s only natural to want to celebrate them with a knock-your-socks-off birthday gift. 

Choosing birthday gifts for your best friend might be tricky, especially if they have everything they need or could want! 

But sometimes you just want to get them a gift that speaks to them and let them know how appreciative you are of their friendship. Here are five top-notch gifts to consider for your friend. 

1. Ask

Stumped about what to get your friend? Why don’t you just ask!

Asking might seem counterproductive, but if you don’t have to ask in a way to imply you’re looking for ideas. Bring it up casually in conversation and make it lighthearted, while mentally taking notes. Asking takes a lot of pressure off of you. 

If your friend doesn’t drop any hints, you can always ask family members what might be some good, out-of-the-box ideas for them. 

2. Stick to a Budget

You might be tempted to blow a lot of money on your friend’s birthday gift, but that’s never a good idea! No matter how much you love your friend, it’s not worth emptying your wallet and putting your finances at risk. 

There are plenty of incredible and thoughtful gifts under $20 that would work perfectly for your friend’s birthday. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to give a meaningful present. Decide how much you can comfortably spend and stick to it. 

3. Handmade Gifts

There’s probably nothing more unique than an amazing handmade gift! It shows the care and consideration of the item itself and can be truly personalized. You don’t have to be an artist to make beautiful handmade gifts.

If you’re not crafty and buying gifts online is more your thing, you can still find handmade gifts online. Simply type in what you’re looking for and start shopping! 

4. Make a List

Sometimes you might have too many ideas bouncing around in your mind to narrow it down to one or even two gifts. In this case, creating a list of all of the possible gifts to give will help you focus and make a choice. 

A list will help you see your choices on paper and you can add or take away gifts as you see fit. For some people, writing it down helps them remember it easily. 

5. Experience

If you’re still stumped about what to get your best friend for their birthday, try investing in an experience rather than material goods. 

Experiences create memories that last forever, and they can be a lot of fun! You can plan a trip out of town for a weekend, or a night on the town to their favorite restaurant. Whatever you do, you can tailor it to their likes.

Choosing Birthday Gifts

When it comes to choosing birthday gifts, there’s a lot of thought involved, but whatever you choose, be sure to put thought and care into it. You only want the best for your friend!

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