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Quite a number of the Hacker-for-Hire services available online are – scams and ineffective – a new research published last week by Google and academics from a prestigious American university has revealed.

By setting up and making use of unique online buyer personas, the researchers engaged the services of 29 of such hackers for hire providing hacking services, and tasked each of them to either gain access or compromise victim email, cell phone or social media accounts of their choice and retrieve certain sensitive information.

These “victim accounts” in turn were being closely monitored by the researchers. This allowed us to record key interactions with the victim as well as with other fabricated aspects of their online persona that we created (e.g., business web servers, email addresses of friends or partner and bank account hack).

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H2: Genuine Hackers for Hire

The research team said that of the 29 hacking services they engaged, 11 never delivered on their promise to launch the attack at all, 13 actually made an attempt to launch an attack, and only five ended up launching attacks against the accounts provided by the researchers.

Of the 13 who attempted but never succeeded in launching the attacks, nine said they were no longer providing hacking services, while the other three appeared to be scams. Our researchers said the services usually charged between $1,000 and $5,000 for most of their services, and none used automated tools for the attacks.

A lot of the attacks involved social engineering, with hackers using spear-phishing to fine-tune attacks for each victim. Some hackers asked for details about the victim they were supposed to target, while others didn’t bother, and opted to employ re-usable email phishing templates.

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H2: Finding a Trusted Hackers for Hire Service

The oddity among the five hackers who launched an attack was that one of them tried to infect the victim with malware (a remote access trojan) rather than phish the victim’s account credentials. The malware, once installed on the victim’s system, would have been able to recover passwords and authentication cookies from local browsers.

Furthermore, one attacker was also able to bypass two-factor authentication (2FA) by redirecting the victim to a spoofed Google login page that harvested both passwords as well as SMS codes and then checking the validity of both in real time.

The research team also found that hackers who learned they’d have to bypass 2FA usually doubled their prices. Researchers also observed that prices for hacking Gmail accounts also increased across the years, going from $250/account in 2017 to around $1,500 today. They attributed this rise in pricing to Google improving account security measures.

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H2: Legit Freelance Hackers for Hire 2021

As a whole, however, we find that the commercialized account hijacking ecosystem is far from mature, the research team said. We frequently encountered poor customer service, slow responses, and inaccurate advertisements for pricing. Further, the current techniques for bypassing 2FA can be mitigated with the adoption of U2F security keys,” they added.

Ignoring the scam sites, researchers said they didn’t view hacker-for-hire services as a danger for user accounts. This is due to the high prices for hacking each account, but also due to the low quality of service they provide.

Hiring a hacker for whatever purpose can be easy. And even legal (or not illegal) that is if you use them for legal activities. You don’t have to go deep into the dark web of the Internet to hire hackers these days. You can hire a legit white-hat hacker who will hack what you want for the right price. Let us look at some of the services we might want to hire a hacker for.

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H2: Hackers for Hire Reddit Review

Read this before you hire a hacker (reviews on different hackers & lists of scammers). Because of the hire demand for hackers both white hat and black hat, many people have started posing to be hackers so they can take advantage of the ignorance of customers, so I decided to make this post so people can share reviews about any so called hacker that has scammed or cheated them.

And by so doing help prevent it from happening to unsuspecting customers who will read this post. So please share your experiences and reviews, ask questions, call out any scammer that has cheated you in the name of hacking, and share this post to help others.

When a hacker takes over the account, they will post things that the customer has asked them to post. They can also send private messages to the people on the target’s friends list, in an attempt to ruin relationships and send content that can make the person be seen in a bad light.

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H2: How to Easily Hire a Legit Hacker

Although the figure of the hacker is traditionally associated with that of a criminal. In reality, he is only an expert in computer security and networks. There are criminal hackers, but also ethical hackers who protect the Internet, websites and online services. Without them, the Internet would not exist.

You can rent an ethical hacker online for any of the following services; cell phone hack, social media hack, website hack, database hack, data adjustment and more. You can also find it useful to regain control of your mobile or email account if you have forgotten the password or want to recover a PC infected by a virus or protect a web page.

It is not a new concept that criminals use the dark-net to buy and sell products and information. Everyone has seen the news articles about the criminal underground markets for drugs, guns, stolen credit cards, passwords to social media, and stolen passwords for other accounts like Netflix, to name a few.

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H2: Where to Find the Best Hacker for Hire Service Online

Are you aware of the kind of services that can be purchased on the dark net? Hackers for hire, which means customized hacking against any company or individual specified by the person paying for the service.

The websites advertising hackers for hire are not necessarily hard to find, either. While working on a dark-net and mainstream internet review to find newly-created sites on the dark-net, we were able to pull up ten different Hacker-for-Hire pages without much effort. Who would need or use this service, and how easy it is to find a service like this?

A likely buyer would be anyone who does not have the technical ability to perform the types of attacks listed below, or someone who is angry at a person or a company and is willing to pay someone to attack them. If they know where to look, these services can be quite easy to find.

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H2: Types of Hacker for Hire Services

Hire a Hacker to Recover Stolen Cryptocurrency Funds: You can hire a hacker to recover scammed bitcoin, stolen cryptocurrency and funds lost to bitcoin, cryptocurrency, binary options, investments scam. Hackers are able to track down the stolen funds, and initiate a funds recovery process in order to get the funds back for the scam victims.

Hire a Cell Phone Hacker for Phone Hack: A lot of people are now turning to cell phone hacker in order to catch a suspected cheating spouse. Gone are the days when hiring a private investigator was the only way to catch a cheating spouse, you can now hire a phone hacker to help you get digital evidence of a cheating spouse on phone.

Other Hacker for Hire Services: You can also hire a hacker to hack website, hire a hacker to hack database and more. Students and professionals also hire hackers for examination hacks to get questions and answers, as well as grade change. You can also hire a hacker to delete unwanted content from the internet or for any other hack request you may be interested in.

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