How to Choose the Right Chandelier Size for Your Dining Room

How to Choose the Right Chandelier Size for Your Dining Room

Lighting is more important in interior design than most people realize. You should know how to light your rooms properly and choose the right fixture for your space.

One lighting opportunity you have to take advantage of is the chandelier in your dining room. It adds ambiance to the space, whether you’re entertaining friends or enjoying dinner with your family.

But you can’t choose any fixture for your dining room. You have to consider chandelier size along with the style. Here are some tips to help you choose the right chandelier for your space.

Determine the Chandelier’s Measurements

When you’re picking out a chandelier, getting the correct measurements is essential. You never want to purchase a chandelier without looking at the proportions and considering how they will look in your space.

It’s easiest to work with all measurements in inches rather than feet. The three measurements you want to consider for your chandelier are width, height, and chain length.

You’ll compare these measurements to other features in the room to choose the chandelier with the best proportions.

Chandelier Width

The chandelier’s width or diameter is the most essential measurement to choose a fixture with the right proportions. No matter the shape of the chandelier—round or rectangular—the width is important.

The chandelier width goes hand in hand with the size of the room.

Chandelier Height

How tall your chandelier depends on the style and height of the design features. The height also determines the fixture’s visual weight, which is important to the design and proportions of the space.

The chandelier height will work with the room’s proportions and the dining room table.

Chandelier Chain Length

The chain length determines how low the fixture hangs from the ceiling. This measurement is not the same as the chandelier height as it only measures the chain rather than the entire fixture.

You can have short chandeliers with long chains, vice versa, or another combination of measurements. Chain length factors in with the room’s ceiling height as well as the tabletop.

Consider the Room Size

When choosing a chandelier, the first consideration you want to make is the size of the room. If you choose a chandelier that’s too large for the space, you’ll overwhelm the design and make the fixture look out of place.

Don’t only consider the space where your dining table is; consider the entire room. If you have an open floor plan, you’ll be able to consider a larger chandelier than if your dining room is enclosed.

A simple rule of thumb is to add together the length and width of your dining room. Whatever your answer equals is the diameter size your chandelier would look best in.

But with an open space, you should measure the area you’re setting apart for the dining room to get the proper measurements. Measuring an entire open floor plan will only give you a chandelier that will overwhelm your eating area.

Table Size Matters

The chandelier may pull the room’s design together, but you have to work with the dining room table to get the right visual impact. You can measure the chandelier in relation to the room, rather than in relation to the table.

A chandelier that measures one-half or three-quarters the width of the table creates a visually pleasing design.

You can use the table measurements to reaffirm the room measurements mentioned above or work with the table measurements alone.

The table is also important when considering the height and hanging height of the chandelier. The bottom of the chandelier should hover about 30-32 inches above the tabletop.

However, there is some room to play around with these measurements. The hanging height can differ based on the fixture style, so the 30-32 inches is a starting suggestion. You can adjust based on the scale of the room.

Remember the Ceiling Height

The ceiling height is one of the most important measurements in terms of getting the scale right. You’ll want to measure from where the fixture will be installed to the floor directly below or to the table it will hang over.

With a standard eight-foot ceiling, the chandelier should hang in the suggested 30-32 inches over the table. But if these measurements will need adjustments for ceilings that are lower or higher.

Lower ceilings should utilize shorter chandelier chains. Tall ceilings have more leeway with chain and chandelier length. While a two-story space will have the most freedom with the chandelier size for a dining room.

No matter how tall or short your ceilings are, the most important factor to remember is proportion. Don’t overwhelm or underwhelm your space with a fixture that’s the wrong size.

Keep the Style in Mind

The style of the chandelier can affect the size. Chandeliers that have the same measurements but different styles can differ in visual weight. The aesthetics of the fixtures can throw off room proportions as much as wrong measurements.

Here are a few popular types of chandeliers:

  • Candle Chandelier
  • Crystal Chandelier
  • Island Chandelier
  • Drum Chandelier
  • Ring Chandelier
  • Miniature Chandelier
  • Tiered Chandelier

All of these styles offer unique aesthetics and visual weight that factors into room proportions. Use visual density to your advantage.

Smaller chandeliers can look more visually heavy. Ballance out large lights for dining room with a lighter design.

Finding the Right Chandelier Size for Your Space

The right chandelier can bring your entire design together. It can be a centerpiece for your dining room that adds style and ambiance, whether it’s a nightly meal or a dinner party with friends.

To ensure that you’re choosing the right lighting fixture, you must keep the chandelier size in mind. The wrong proportions can throw off the scale of the room, making the design look visually off.

Use these tips to find the right chandelier no matter how your dining room is laid out. Your design will feel pulled together in no time.

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