Garage Cleaning for Dummies: 5 Hacks for a Better Space

Garage Cleaning for Dummies: 5 Hacks for a Better Space

Do you ever wonder why so many people park their cars outside of the garage? Well, many people simply don’t have space in their garage and they never get around to organize it.

Garage cleaning and organization is not a fun task per se unless you make it so. It takes time and time is not something everybody has apparently.

In this article, we will cover 5 tips to help you get started on your cleaning adventure so that you can store your car, find things easily and enjoy your garage space.

Whenever you’re ready to start learning and stop yearning, keep reading.

Procrastination: The Greatest Obstacle In Garage Cleaning

When starting your garage cleaning adventure, you will come across many obstacles. The most prominent of them all being procrastination, especially knowing how difficult it can be to overcome.

As humans, we can find several reasons for putting things off for hours, days, weeks, and months. Sometimes even years. Unfortunately, garage clutter does not organize itself.

Every morning that you wake up to take a look at it, it will remain the same. Every time you open your garage door, it will be there to greet you.

Most people put off cleaning garage organization for years, it doesn’t seem an important goal. Nonetheless, you are here now so you must want to change that.

So let’s get to it and you will get your garage in order in no time.

1. Small Steps Lead to Large Changes

If your garage is stuffed, it can feel daunting to tackle the organization part of cleaning. A giant pile will look tough to handle unless it is grouped into smaller groups. It’s a good idea to categorize each group by use, type, size, etc.

With similar items grouped up, it can ease your stress and allow you to address what stays in the garage and what goes. Once you have grouped everything up, look at how many things each group has.

If you have lots of supplies for lawn care, do you think you need to dedicate more space to them? Are there dangerous tools out and about, maybe you should keep them from away hands reach so that children or visitors don’t fool around with them?

Think about the small things, think about the details. If you’ve ever heard of the butterfly effect, you might already know those small decisions can lead to the greatest of changes.

2. Preparation Matters

One of the greatest mistakes that people make that can easily be prevented is not having the appropriate storage options. It’s very easy to throw everything into a huge bin to clear some space, but it ends up being a problem when you try to find that special thing inside the bin.

You need to be prepared for the future. Arrange your baskets, bins, trash bags ahead of time and develop a system that will allow you to organize everything together.

When it’s time to clean your garage, ensure you have enough cans and trash bags, empty boxes for donation items, containers of various sizes, cleaning supplies.

If there’s too much to clean, consider getting in touch with a local agency or government firm to rent a small dumpster for debris removal. Once you’ve cleared everything out of the garage, clean the interior.

Sweep the floors, address spills and holes. Check the lights and assess the mechanical parts of the garage. Now that everything is clean, you can start to make your garage organized.

3. Space Designation

You need to keep a handle on present and future organization opportunities. If you’re part of a family, you should think about designing a space for your kids, partner, roommates, etc to drop off their supplies.

Think about setting up a toy box, bike rack, sports bin, and anything else that comes to mind. You can build some cubbies for every person with a basket for storing items, a bench to store and take off shoes, and hooks to hang other things.

A well-designed space is an organized space. It only takes a little bit of time to determine where everything will go, and if everybody follows the “rule, you won’t have to look for something that is seemingly “lost”.

4. Dedicate Time

Another problem that many people come across when cleaning out their garage is time. Everybody seems to be running out of time, they just don’t have enough of it.

If you can be generous enough to spare a full day to your garage, you will find that everything just happens quicker, especially if you have a plan to follow.

Once again, the easiest plan is often the most effective. Pull everything out, clean the space, create zones for items to be organized, create a space for items to be recycled or trashed.

Put everything back in its new place and be astounded by the aesthetic of your newly organized space.

5. Thinking Ahead Is Thinking Right

If you live in a colder environment and you need to store outdoor belongings such as summer equipment or furniture, think about separating space for seasonal items. If you can assume the future, you can safely develop a space that will always seem to be organized.

When it’s time for something to be a store, you already have a space waiting for it. This will ensure that you don’t have things lying around where they shouldn’t, but it will also help you find those items for your holiday decorations or beach holidays.

Additional Tips for Garage Organization

Even though the article suggests that 5 tips are all you’re going to get, we thought it would be a good idea to add some additional tips to the mix.

Do you remember when it was a good idea to buy those ski poles or huge kayaks but you simply never got the chance to use them? Well, those are the kind of things that are the biggest issue when it comes to garage storage.

Usually, the large and bulky things with no use just lay around the floor, but what if you could store them smarter? The answer could be vertical. Overhead garage storage is especially great for bulky items that need to be stored away for long periods of time.

Nobody wants to open their garage door and forget that there’s a kayak in the middle of the space. Where are you going to park your car?

Finally, some garages are very nasty because some people don’t use them at all. If you start cleaning your garage and you find lots of scum, don’t be surprised to find bugs you never knew existed.

So how is this resolved? You might think going to Home Depot and buying some coating systems is a good idea, but it’s really not. Consider hiring an interior/exterior house cleaning company to add polyurethane or epoxy to your floor.

Not only will you remove the pest problem, but you will also get your garage looking polished and fresh. But don’t forget the exterior, it also matters. Don’t hesitate to start looking for an exterior house cleaning service now, sometimes it’s better to work from the outside-in.

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Now that you know how to start with garage cleaning, you are much closer to getting your space in order. As long as you spend some quality time on planning, executing, and making sure everything is organized and clean, your garage will stay that way for a long time.

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