The Effects of Hemp Extraction on the Cannabis Industry

As the world of cannabis is getting more and more sophisticated – users are demanding the substance in different forms. This is where extracting the different compounds within cannabis itself has risen significantly. Whether it’s substances such as CBD, THC and CBG, the use of extraction tools is very useful in order to make cannabis use more interesting and accessible. To celebrate these different innovations, this article explores the ways that hemp extraction will affect the cannabis industry. Read on below to learn more. 

Huge Growth Opportunities 

There is massive growth forecast for the hemp extraction industry. According to the Financial Post, it could represent 50% of all cannabis sales in Canada over the next few years. While Canada has quite a different approach to cannabis legalization than the USA, with a nation-wide relaxation of weed rules, the northern neighbor is often seen as a barometer for events to come in the USA’s cannabis industry, i.e. providing exciting news for what the future might bring. 

New Ways of Using Cannabis

This comes as more people want to move away from smoking cannabis in traditional forms — i.e. through a bowl or by wrapping it up in fine paper — to more modern methods such as through vape pens, oils and edibles. This is due to the fact that people are concerned with the possible side effects of smoking cannabis in traditional ways and want to enjoy it through alternative and possibly safer methods. If you own a weed dispensary or simply use weed for your own personal use, and you would like to extract the core elements of cannabis, then it is recommended for you to invest in hemp extraction equipment.

Fresh Opportunities for Hemp Production 

The demand for fresh hemp, which for now far outstrips supply within the United States, will lead to fresh opportunities for farmers across the entire country. As the plant is no longer illegal to produce, this means that farmers can access federal aid to help their work go a whole lot further. CBD oil is not just something that people want to use for their cannabidiol needs, but can be used in a variety of other products, such as beauty and skincare products. 

Safer Methods Allowing for Easy Extraction

Thanks to innovations within the industry as well as the Food and Drug Administration holding high standards for the ways in which CBD oil should be extracted, there is a renewed focus on making sure that extraction is done in the safest way possible. This is why companies that really put health and safety first when it comes to extraction methods focus on using a CO2 extraction approach. These means creating a controlled temperature and pressure that extracts the cannabis plant material, with CO2 being used as a solvent. 


Other methods that are also rising in popularity when it comes to extraction are ethanol extraction, solvent distillation and steam distillation; when looking to extract cannabis for yourself or your business, try and find a method that works best for you.