The Complete Home Staging Guide That Will Make for a Quick Sale

The Complete Home Staging Guide That Will Make for a Quick Sale

Did you know that there were over 500 million homes sold in 2019? And that’s just in the US!

The real estate market is bigger than ever, with homes being successfully sold every, single day. So, what’s part of the winning formula to getting your property sold?

One of the key things property sellers should be focusing on is home staging. Home staging can be tricky, and it can definitely be done incorrectly, but never fear, you’re in the right place for the right home staging tips!

1. The Exterior Matters

Most of the time when one talks about home staging, our minds jump to perfectly arranged living rooms and sparkling kitchens, nobody ever thinks that home staging applied to the outside of your home too!

The thing is, if your home is on the radar of a potential buyer, they will most likely do a drive-by first to decide if they would like to see inside.

Do these simple things to increase the curb appeal of your home:

  • Put up a new post box and new house numbers
  • Take the time to power-wash your pathways and driveway
  • Consider planting colorful flowers and beautiful greenery to brighten up the yard
  • Definitely, and always, mow your lawn
  • Wash the street-facing windows of your home regularly
  • Sand down and repaint your porch if it can be seen from the street

Don’t neglect the outside of your home, if you’re having an open day, go and have a look from the street to make sure the curb appeal is top-notch.

2. The Front Door and Entrance Hall

The very next thing that your potential buyer is going to see is your front entrance and your entrance hall.

Your porch should be staged to feel welcoming, clean, and open. You should purchase a new welcome mat for outside the front door. You can also put potted plants to frame the front door with greenery, and if you have enough space, put out matching patio furniture to accentuate the front porch.

Also, remember to have porch lights on in the evenings, so your home always seems appealing.

3. Deep Cleaning and De-cluttering

One of the most important things that needs to be done for home staging is ensuring that your home is sparkling from top to bottom.

Potential buyers will notice dirt and grime before they take notice of things that they like. Methodically go through your home and identify any problem areas, go out and buy those cleaning products, and then get those hands dirty!

Clutter is also a problem, if the counters in your kitchen are completely covered in things, then how can potential buyers admire the marble countertop? Buy some cardboard boxes and store as much of your clutter as possible, clear away a corner in the garage and store the boxes there for moving day.

4. Dining Room and Living Room

Dining rooms and living rooms are really extensions of the entertainment areas of your home, places where families spend so much of their time together.

Stage your dining room for viewing days by setting out a few places with placemats, wine glasses, and your best crockery.

Your living room furniture should be arranged in such a way that you maximize the space in the room itself and show just how big space is, and what can be done with it.

5. De-personalize Your Home

One of the reasons that advertising spreads look so glamorous and inviting is because they don’t showcase personal items. You should go through your home and remove items that are very tailored to your taste.

That sentimental, crocheted blanket from granny that’s always thrown over the back of the sofa probably doesn’t add much to the aesthetic of the room. Pack away items that cannot be seen as neutral to the design of the room.

We’re not saying that you should pack away all your photo frames and remove any signs that the home is actually lived in, but just be mindful of the design choices you make and how they may look to a potential buyer.

6. Consider How You Use Spare Rooms

You may think that the spare bedroom you have with boxes piled high and unorganized doesn’t really make a difference, but oh boy, you couldn’t be more wrong.

Think about how you display that unused space, perhaps you can put together a small study, or an extra sitting room to really show off what else potential buyers can do with the home.

You really want the space to pop, and not be seen as just a storage closet.

7. Let It All In

When show day rolls around, you not only want to let the potential buyers in but you want to let two other important things in too: air and light!

Open all the curtains and blinds and let natural light in as much as you can to brighten the rooms.

Then, choose a couple of strategic windows to let a small breeze into your home, especially if you cooked up your favorite seafood dish the night before!

Finding Success With Home Staging

Home staging should be done with one major priority in mind, to showcase your home in the most objective way possible for potential buyers.

If you can force yourself to take a step back and look at your house as if it isn’t yours, even try to look at it as if you were just buying it, then you should be able to make all the right home staging decisions!

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