5 Hacks for Organizing a Storage Unit That You Access Often

5 Hacks for Organizing a Storage Unit That You Access Often

Are you getting ready to move your belongings into a storage unit? You must save yourself from the headache of sifting through an unorganized storage every day looking for a particular item.

The way to avoid this mess is by having an organized and clutter-free storage space. But do you have effective storage unit organization ideas?

Organizing a storage unit involves more than just throwing a bunch of boxes in there. That’s why we’re here to teach you how to organize a storage unit.

1. Use Clear Plastic Boxes

When it comes to storage boxes, the battle is between cardboard and plastic. The choice between the two might not look much. However, when you have a storage unit you frequently access, plastic is superior.

Advantages of clear plastic include:

  • You can see what’s inside: As opposed to using color-coded boxes, clear plastic allows you to see what is inside without opening the box.
  • Better organization: When you can see inside the box, you don’t need to remove everything to locate an item.
  • Uniformity: Using clear boxes makes the storage neat and less distracting.
  • Water and dust resistance: A tightly closed plastic box keeps dust and water away from your items.

Cardboard, on the other hand, is opaque, weak, and not waterproof.

2. Label the Boxes

Whether you’re storing items for the long-term or temporarily, it’s vital to have a simple and straightforward way of labeling your boxes.

Labeling helps you locate your items quickly and keep the storage unit neat.

A simple way of labeling is writing each box’s contents on paper and stapling it to the box.

You won’t be rummaging through the wrong boxes looking for items. With a single look at the label, you know what is inside.

Make sure the labels are clear and cannot fall off easily. They should also be easy to edit if you need to change the contents of the box.

3. Keep Frequently Used Items at the Front

If there are items you use every day, they should be easily accessible compared to those you use once a week or month. Store such items in labeled boxes and place them towards the front of your storage unit.

Placing frequently used items in easy-to-access positions means you won’t have to dig through multiple boxes every time you need them.

4. Pack Strategically

Do you need an organized storage unit? You cannot have everything lying across the bottom. You need to utilize the unit’s height. Pack your boxes going up, keeping the heaviest at the bottom.

You should also leave pathways to allow access to the items at the back.

5. Create a Storage Map

Sometimes, you need easy solutions to solve complex issues. When dealing with storage unit organization, you’re better off with a hand-drawn map showing the location of various items within the storage unit.

If this feels like too much work, you can choose to work with moving and storage professionals from Inner City Moving & Storage Company.

Organizing a Storage Unit Made Simple

If you want to organize a storage unit, the above tips will get you started. Follow them, and save time and energy you’d have used rummaging through unorganized boxes.

Now that you’re armed with tips for organizing a storage unit, you need to learn other vital moving and storage tips. Check out our other posts for more information.