How to Get More YouTube Subscribers in 2021

With growing prominence of YouTube, more creators are utilizing the platform of YouTube than ever to share their content and also make money doing what they love. But not everyone can gain subscribers and grow their YouTube channel at the pace they want to.

Many youtubers even buy YouTube subscribers to kickstart their journey, as it helps to make their channel look more popular.

So, with a help of a few tips, youtubers can gain subscribers for YouTube channel. Keep reading to find out what they are:

  • Find a niche

The most essential question a creator must ask themselves is “What type of content will I create and publish?”. Zero-in till the very sub-sub-sub niche possible. For example, if a youtuber loves trying out new products from different brands, they can dedicate their channel towards such reviews and help their audience make an informed purchase decision. Moving forward, youtubers need to find powerful keywords for their channel. Youtubers can do this by using Google and YouTube search suggestion feature, Google AdWords Keyword Planner, Google Trends etc. Using these keywords will improve the ranking of the videos in the search engine of YouTube.

  • Strive for Perfection in the Quality of video

With over 500 hours’ worth of video content being uploaded to YouTube every minute, a good quality video is the only factor that will set a creator apart and save their videos from getting buried in this pile of content. The videos published should be reflect only the best efforts in terms of production, set up, story as well as content. It should be of value to the viewer, be it of entertainment of educational value. To up the production game, edit videos until it matches the competitor’s efforts, use background music to maximize audience retention, work on the camera presence, buy quality equipment. Here the mantra, Quality over Quantity, stands completely true.

  • Make a professional channel page

The channel home page consists of channel art, channel icon, channel trailer and the uploads. If all these are well organized, they make the channel page appear more professional and hence, makes a strong case for the channel and has the ultimate power of compelling a user to subscribe to the youtube channel. The channel art should rebrand the channel’s purpose and it is advised to add links to the other social media handles here as well as call to action to subscribe to the channel. The channel icon shows up almost everywhere, hence, it can be a high-resolution head shot or a logo. Youtubers can even come up with a channel tagline as it acts like another opportunity to rebrand their channel.

  • Maximize audience retention using pattern interrupts

The fraction of time for which a viewer watches a video out of the total duration is known as audience retention. A creator’s goal is to focus on maximizing the audience retention in order to generate more watch time. The videos which keep people on YouTube, tend to rank better in the search engine of YouTube. A pattern interrupt is a sudden interruption caused in a viewer’s chain or pattern of thoughts. Hence, pattern interrupts are used to keep a viewer’s attention for longer duration. Creators use simple tricks such as change in the camera angle or a change in clothes or may be a harmless joke. When a viewer spends more time on the channel, they are more likely to subscribe as well.

  • Interact with audience

A creator’s growing viewer base is the major factor responsible for the growth of their YouTube channel. Hence, it is important to interact with them and to understand what type of content they wish to watch next. This not only increases the engagement ratio in terms of likes, shares, comments and subscribes but also gives ideas for upcoming videos. Also, the videos that generate better engagement ratio reflect well with the YouTube algorithm and therefore, rank better. Interacting with the viewers makes them more dedicated towards the channel as well as positively influence a viewer to subscriber.

  • Use subscribe button as the Branding Watermark

YouTube allows creators to use a branding watermark in their videos. This appears on bottom right corner of the video. The creators can themselves choose when they want the branding watermark to appear- in the end of the video or throughout the video or at any other customized time during the video. While most creators use their logo or channel icon as their branding watermark, it preferable to use subscribe button instead. By doing so, youtubers allow their viewers to subscribe to the YouTube channel without having to pause the video or leave the page. Youtubers can choose subscribe button as branding watermark by heading to YouTube Studio > Settings > Channel > Branding. This is yet another way youtubers can get more subscribers on their channel.

  • Call to Action to SUBSCRIBE

While there are many other clever and tactical ways in which creators can grow their subscriber base, yet, the most effective is the old-school method, i.e., asking viewers to subscribe to the channel. The creators should end the video on a positive note and ask the viewers to like, share and subscribe to their channel. Sometimes, this provides the little push the viewers need in order to become a subscriber.

A few clever tricks go a long way and hence, these few tips will help the growth of YouTube channel in the long run.