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6 Signs You Need to Hire an Office Cleaning Service

Did you know that some of the most used areas of the office are also some of the dirtiest? From door handles to desktops, every area of an office has the potential for germs, dirt, and grime.

Even if employees try to maintain cleanliness around the office, sometimes it can be difficult to ensure that your space meets standards. Office cleaners can be a welcome change to help assist your business with keeping the office spic and span.

Are you considering an office cleaning service? Here are some indicators that you may need a professional cleaning service to help your office look professional and tidy.

1. Your Employees are Sick Often

An office environment can be rife with germs, especially in communal spaces such as kitchens and bathrooms. When surfaces are not wiped down or ventilated properly, germs will spread more easily.

During the winter months, viruses can thrive in a warmer environment when the heating in the office is turned up. Germs that land on surfaces can last up to three days if they are not cleaned properly.

Some of the most commonly touched spaces in the office are door handles, mainly fridge handles. Faucets in the kitchen and bathroom can also be likely culprits for germs and viruses.

If your employees call out sick or sniffle around the office, then you may want to consider hiring a cleaning service. Sick employees can spread a virus to their coworkers and productivity will also suffer.

2. Musty Smelling Spaces

Poorly ventilated spaces often have an unpleasant odor. They can also trigger physical symptoms that bother employees, such as headaches.

If the issue persists when you clean your office, you may want to check out your ventilation system. A good cleaning of air filters and ducts may help to reduce the smell.

The culprit could also be your office plumbing. Check your bathroom and kitchen for signs of leakage and mildew, especially in the drains.

A professional cleaning service can work with you to regularly clean neglected areas of the office, such as your ventilation system. That way, you can prevent musty and gross odors from making their way into the office.

3. You Feel Uncomfortable Having Guests

If you have client interactions regularly, then keeping a clean workspace is integral to your relationships with clientele. Your office space is a direct reflection of how you operate as a business.

You may find yourself escorting your clients or visitors to a cleaner part of the office or suggesting an alternative meeting place. If your clients seem awkward or nervous when looking around the office, they may see the dirtiness but not want to say anything about it.

When you have a clean office, your space will look much more professional. It will also build client trust, as they know that their documents and other important information are in a safe and sterile environment.

4. Your Kitchen is Messy

One of the biggest culprits of a dirty office is the kitchen space. Even if you try to keep it free of dirt, there are still many places where crumbs and spills can go unnoticed.

To curb mess in your dining area, your employees should wash dishes after use or put them in a dishwasher. You can also learn how to organize utensils and snacks so that they do not become too overwhelming.

You should also make an effort to clean out your fridge so that food does not go bad. Try to be consistent with a schedule so that employees know when to save food that they may want to keep.

Many companies hire office cleaners to restock kitchen shelves and sanitize high traffic areas. A quality cleaning service may also help you to cut down on clutter in the kitchen.

5. You Lose Items Easily

Dirt and grime are unattractive in an office, but clutter can be just as problematic. If you work with client documents or sensitive information, it can even cost you valuable business.

Lost items can also cut down on productivity. When you spend too much time looking for things that you misplaced, you use the time that could be spent doing essential business functions.

Sometimes a business cleaning service can also help you to form organizational systems. For instance, they may show you how to keep your desk organized, or maybe implement a new filing system that is easier to use.

6. Less Productivity From Employees

When your employees are dealing with dirt, they are less likely to get work done. A messy workspace can be distracting and prevent them from performing their normal work tasks.

Decreased productivity often goes hand in hand with general unhappiness in the workplace. Keeping your office clean can reduce employee turnover and save you money in the long run as well.

If employees get sick more often, it can also decrease productivity. More time off while using sick pay forces other workers to pick up the slack. Frustrated workers are less likely to focus on the task at hand when surrounded by grime.

A cleaning service will take the worry and hassle out of keeping your employees satisfied in a sterile workspace. They will also be able to focus their time and energy on work tasks, rather than cleaning the office.

You May Need an Office Cleaning Service

If your business suffers from any of these woes, then you should consider an office cleaning service. It will help take the load off of your employees to allow them to focus on work. A professional cleaning service can also give you the most sanitary environment, as they are trained to clean.

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