What is YIFY? What happened to YIFY? Everything you need to know:

Several torrenting websites make promises for unlimited downloads, and probably you may also face these kinds of websites.
Some of these websites charge a reasonable fee and others offer you a lifetime or minimum of a one-year membership card, and in return, you can have a wide range of classic to blockbuster movies.
YIFY is one of the well-known and outstanding website. But a few years ago, this site was banned for some issues.
While going through this article, you will know the reason behind the banning of this website.

What is YIFY?

YIFY torrents are torrent websites meant to download music, movies, and series of different stories in a hassle-free manner. This website rises and recognizes itself in a torrenting niche and a non-cluster site, and in this site, it is easy to find out by a large number of torrent files.

What happened to YIFY?

In 2015, the authentic website of YIFY was banned because of some legal accusations. But after this is happening, many other proxy YIFY sites provide the same interface as the original YIFY but on another domain.

Best YIFY Mirror/Proxy Sites

Those torrent websites with a large number of audiences consist of clones and mirror sites. As these websites gain popularity at the torrent scene, they began to make their mirror website as early as possible.
As these mirror sites copy the original website, their content is often more or less the same as the original website. That’s why using the services of a mirror website is not as much as the original.
The files you download may contain malware or virus, and then it ultimately results in the stealing of your data even you don’t know.
Then what to do for the downloading of files All alone solution for this kind of problem is using a VPN.
You can’t change the fact about mirror sites that contain malware that can harm your computer or data. So, the danger is still on your way, regardless of the VPN being used. You have to take caution while using mirrors sites.
That’s why the only solution left behind is to use mirror sites not to have alternative sites. Some of the best mirror sites include:

The entire above mentioned mirror proxy websites can release movies and serials in HD formats.
Many of these websites come with great search history, which aids the user of the torrent to search for various YIFY movies and serial, which depend on the release date, IMDB rating, and many other related criteria.
You will be able to search that even if the actual website of YIFY is going down. So you can consider these mirrors and proxy websites as operational.

How Do YIFY Proxy Sites Work?

These proxy sites act like a man standing in between. It means it acts as a bridge between the website you are going to search for and your internet connection.
When you use the proxy YIFY sites, then the browser starts making a connection. As an internet connection gets access to the proxy website, it will redirect the desired site’s connection.
By doing this, the website which you try to approach cannot decode the actual IP address.

Is it Safe to Use YIFY?

If you want to get an answer in short form – then YES, it is safe. But it is mainly based on what you download. If you have downloaded a torrent file that has been released, and anyone or the new user may upload it, then there is a possibility you may suffer from the trouble you even can’t consider.
But on the other hand, if you download the desired file just by looking at the downloading number, then it might be uploaded by one of the well-known groups like MkvCage, RARBG, or EZTV. Now you are safe and secure.
Remember one thing: If you think you had downloaded the right file, you are wrong because it is not guaranteed that the file you download is safe from government agencies, hackers, and by your internet provider.
The truth is, there are no websites and torrent sites that can make sure your data safe from these groups.
The only solution regarding protection is to use the services of a VPN. It can give you protection by encrypting routing and internet connection.
It prevents you from government agencies and also from hackers that what you are doing on your device.
They will be unable to stalk on your activity and can’t see which website you are using.
It also helps you to appear from different locations instead of your actual location where you are physically present.
If you are present physically in Germany or Australia, but because you connect the VPN of Canada, it makes you appear from Canada.
It will help you to bypass the hurdles and restrictions that your state placed on the site. Using the services of a VPN is great as it not only keep you safe but also secures your data and helps to get access to the banned websites.
If you are the inhabitant of a country where you can’t get access to the torrent websites, you have an option to use a VPN.
Also, take into account one more thing, some websites whose content is only available in certain regions like YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon, you can see them.

Best VPN for YIFY

VPN- Virtual Private Network acts as a bridge between the internet connection and the website; many people use various VPNs. Some of the most known VPN for YIFY is given below:


YIFY movies and YIFY torrents had recognized their name because of their file size and quality of content. Unfortunately, you are unable to get service from the original Yippy.
Suppose this article proves to be helpful for you. Then try to use the method mentioned above for safe and secure services.