Buy The Best Whey Protein Powders in India 2021

Whey protein powders are used widely by bodybuilders, athletes, and active gym-goers. Whey is obtained from milk and is rich in various nutrients. It is regarded as the best protein because of its rich amino acid profile. Whey is usually packed with lactose, carbs, and healthy fats. These elements can vary according to the types of whey protein.

Types of whey

  1. Whey protein concentrate (WPC): It contains 60-85% protein with a decent amount of lactose, carbs, and healthy fats. It tastes great and is the most cost-effective variant.
  2. Whey protein isolate (WPI): Concentrated whey goes through a micro-filtration process to remove lactose and enhance the protein content. It contains around 90-95% protein and is ideal for lactose-intolerant individuals and those who want to watch their weight.
  3. Whey hydrolysate: It contains pre-digested whey to ease digestion and boost absorption. It is widely used in sports nutrition formulas as it has a high protein concentration. It is quite expensive.

Finding the right whey is absolutely important if you want to see the desired results. Not just the quality is important, the type you choose also greatly affects your fitness goals. This article has a list of some of the best whey protein powders that are crafted cautiously by different brands to cater to the specific needs of fitness lovers.

5 Best whey protein powders

1. Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey

With each serving of this protein, you get 24g of pure protein along with just 1g of sugar and fats. This protein supplement by the brand is a great pick for anyone who wants to fulfill their daily protein needs without adding many calories. It is packed with 4g of glutamic acid and glutamine each per serving along with 5g BCAAs to support muscle recovery and growth. It is made from whey protein isolate and ultra-filtered concentrated whey. It comes in 20 delicious flavors that you can choose from.

2. MuscleBlaze 100% Whey Protein

Made with whey imported from the US, this protein supplement is great for achieving faster muscle gain. Each serving gives you 25 of protein and 5.5g BCAAs to support the growth and recovery of muscles post workouts. The primary source of protein is whey isolate. This product comes packed with a blend of digestive enzymes, DigeZyme, to enhance protein absorption and digestion. It offers 3.71g of carbs and 1.15g of fats per serving. Upon consumption with a rich diet and workouts, this supplement can prove to be the best protein powder for weight gain and a healthy one.

3. Dymatize Nutrition Elite Whey

This product is a potent blend of whey isolates and whey concentrate. This vegetarian supplement offers 29g of protein per serving to boost muscle growth and repairing along with reducing fatigue. It enriches you with 5g of BCAAs and 3.5g of glutamine per serving to enhance muscle recovery. It delivers 2.7g of leucine per serving to support muscle protein synthesis. It is a low-carb product and does not contain aspartame. It has got a high mixability and tastes great.

4. Six Pack Nutrition WPC

This product is made with a blend of concentrated and isolated whey protein. With each scoop, you get 25g protein along with BCAAs, EAAs, and carbs. This product is extremely safe to consume and delivers great results. It contains no hormones, GMO ingredients, artificial colors, or antibiotics. It is a low-fat and low-carb protein powder crafted for all fitness buffs.

5. Procel Pro-Hydro

This product is 100% hydrolyzed protein. It does not contain any hidden concentrates or isolates. It has hydrolyzed whey and hydrolyzed casein in the ratio of 80:20. While most hydrolyzed protein powders have a degree of hydrolysis lesser than 5%, this product has greater than 15%. It has got casein phospho-peptides that help in boosting mineral absorption and work as anti-inflammatory agents. Each serving fuels you with 25g of hydrolyzed whey. This product is ideal for all fitness buffs, especially athletes and hardcore bodybuilders. If you want a pure and perfect hydrolyzed whey, this is the one you can go for.

It doesn’t matter what protein powder you choose, until and unless you don’t work out regularly, you won’t see favorable results. A balanced diet and a strict workout regimen are extremely crucial if you want to build a muscular physique or get in shape. These supplements help in delivering all the required nutrients, mainly protein, quickly and in a hassle-free manner. You can benefit from these only if you follow the other two carefully.