An Essential Guide to the Absolute Best Boat Cleaning Products

An Essential Guide to the Absolute Best Boat Cleaning Products

All hands on deck! The warmer months are upon us and you’ll want to get your boat ready for the water. The bad news is, you haven’t cleaned your boat all year.

Boat maintenance is a job in and of itself. Whether a solo endeavor or a family one, a clean boat is a happy boat.

As you know, not all products are created equally. For the best boat cleaning products, you’ll want to stick around. Read our guide and get ready to sail the open seas!

All-Purpose Boat Cleaner

Do you need boat-specific soap to clean your boat? Probably not as most soaps will get the job done. With that said, certain boat cleaning products such as an all-purpose boat cleaner will come in handy.

For a nice latherer and degreaser, we recommend Simple Green Marine. Anything you happen to get on your deck, this will get the job done.

As a precaution, do not use this when waxing as it will strip. Use it for the deck and deck only to remove things such as fish blood.

Chrome Cleaner

Be mindful of falling behind on polishing. If you wait too long, it’ll start to oxidize. Boats with chrome-look awesome but it adds another item to your boat detailing list.

Adding to our best boat cleaning products, Bar Keeper’s Friend makes the list. As a bleach-free, inexpensive product you’ll want to have this one in your inventory. Use it on any metal parts to keep up with your boat maintenance.

Again, this will rid your decks and nonskid areas of fish blood. For everywhere else on your boat, get a rag and work it into a lather. You don’t want an abrasive rag on glossy spots.

Water-Stain Remover

Is your boat in the water either for the season or year? If so, beneath the waterline you’ll see some brown stains. Do not fret, as you’ll need to get your hands on some On & Off Hull & Bottom Cleaner.

You’ll say goodbye to barnacles and algae stains as well as exhaust stains. Your hull never looked so good!

Keep in mind that you won’t want to use this with your boat in the water. It is harmful to dock creatures.

Instead, use it at the start of the season before you paint the bottom. Along the edge, paint over what gets stripped and clean down to the paint line. First, wash your hull, wipe it dry, and finish with a rag with the On & Off.

For more boat detailing tips, sail on over to the link provided. You won’t be lost at sea after reading!

Scrub Brushes

A small hand boat will do for small boats, but for larger sizes, you’ll want to pick up a scrub brush or two. The Shurhold is your choice here on our best boat cleaning products list.

With interchangeable heads and tough bristles, you’ll be satisfied for years to come. Professional boats use these scrub brushes for their boat detailing so you know they’re of high quality.

Boat Wash and Wax

Wax won’t cleanse your boat, but it does produce a solid foundation. Here you’ll want to go for Thetford RV Wash and Wax.

The wax is more of a shampoo-conditioner combination. With it, you will create a nice water repellent with an anti-static shine.

Refer to Our Best Boat Cleaning Products

By now you understand the basics of how to clean your boat. We have covered the best boat cleaning products on the market. Make a list of your favorite ones and share what works and what doesn’t with your boating pals.

For more helpful guides for the adventurer in you, head on over to our blog!