3 Factors to Consider When Selecting Divorce Attorneys

3 Factors to Consider When Selecting Divorce Attorneys

Did you know that the average divorce will cost you around $20,000? We did, which is exactly why we are going to help you through it! Navigating a divorce alone could cost you more than money; it could cost you peace of mind as well. Selecting divorce attorneys that are right for your needs will help you through this tough time with a professional.

How do you choose the right fit though? We have the answer with these top 3 factors to consider when reviewing your options for attorneys. So, before you find yourself in uncharted waters with no map, read this article!

1. Experience

Your lawyer might have twenty years of experience under their belt, but if that experience isn’t relevant to divorce, they might not be of much use to you. A lawyer who has experience with divorces will know how to approach your case with care, compassion, and expertise.

They will understand the terminology such as separation vs divorce, alimony, etc., and be able to relay information in a way that makes sense to you because they are well versed in divorce. Additionally, lawyers who have experience in local areas will be familiar with specific laws and family court judges in your area.

2. Fees

Comparing attorney fees is a big factor when deciding if a lawyer is a right choice for you. Keep in mind that while it might seem to make financial sense at the time to go with a less expensive attorney, it could end up costing you down the line.

In most cases, attorneys with higher fees will have more experience and success rates. Higher rates upfront could end up saving you from losing your assets in the divorce as well.

Additionally, when you are searching for a divorce attorney, you should ask about payment schedules and fees before you get started. Some law offices will allow you to pay fees on a monthly or weekly schedule rather than all at once.

3. Reputation

Finding out about a potential attorney’s reputation is easier than ever in this day and age. Everything is online, from review platforms where you can read customer complaints or praises to details about a lawyer’s credentials. You will want to talk to your attorney and ask for references from past clients as well.

If a lawyer is reluctant or does not have any references, it could be a sign that they lack experience or have had bad experiences with previous clients. If they give you a list of references, ask the previous clients questions about the lawyer’s reliability, success, and communication.

Selecting Divorce Attorneys With Ease

Selecting divorce attorneys doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Consider these 3 factors while you are searching, and you can rest assured that you will find the perfect divorce attorney for your needs!

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