How to Start a YouTube Gaming Channel

How to Start a YouTube Gaming Channel

If you’ve clicked on this post, then you already know that you’d love to earn money to game.

But beginning that journey is a whole different story. While streaming is a lot of fun, garnering an income and a loyal audience while doing so can be a challenge.

With the right strategy and tools, you don’t need to wander aimlessly while hoping for success. Our advice will help you jumpstart a sustainable, booming streaming career with quality content.

Keep reading to learn how to start a YouTube gaming channel. These tips will be relevant even when you’re well into your career.

Specify Your Target Audience and Niche

Specific content will garner consistent support. Use yourself as a reference and think about what content you would watch. Most likely, there’s plenty of other people like you that will stay loyal to your content.

Do you want to livestream? Are you passionate about game reviews? Do you want to stream a Let’s Play series?

What kind of games will you focus on? What games are trending? While you can broaden your gaming content, a consistent gaming genre will anchor attention to your channel.

Use Good Equipment

For PC gaming a good gaming PC/laptop will support high-quality graphics and gaming performance. You’ll also want it to support software that can screen capture, edit videos, and stream while you play.

For consoles, a video capture device is a must.

If you’re starting off with a low budget, use what you can. However, start saving up for better equipment as you go along.

Edit Well

Editing will heavily impact your final product. Basic editing cuts fluff down and makes for cleaner content, but more skillful editing needs precise judgment.

Thumbnails are your video’s first impression, so you’ll want it to draw attention. Many gaming channels use provocative lettering and colors for a reason — they’re eye-catching and bring new viewers to their channel.

Good editing can also emphasize your personal comedic timing and personality. All this will entertain viewers and keep them loyal to you as a creator.

Choose Your Gaming Platform

You probably already have some gaming consoles, but new games may be released for consoles you don’t have. While you shouldn’t rush out to buy a new console you can’t afford, strategize your finances for the future.

The mobile game industry is also booming, so don’t neglect it. Since there are plenty of viewers searching for mobile gaming content, use a platform like GameMine. GameMine only charges a flat subscription fee for access to their plentiful, adless catalog of trendy mobile games.

Optimize and Review Your Analytics

Consistency is key for most content creation, so uploading frequently and consistently will ensure better success. Using YouTube’s SEO practices to strategize which keywords can boost your channel to the forefront. If your channel is continually successful, you’ll continue getting paid to play video games.

Digital marketing, especially from social media, is also essential for your channel’s growth. Stay connected to your audience so they’re always interacting with your content.

The gaming industry and its trends are always evolving. While you can move trends yourself, it helps to understand what your viewers want.

How to Start a YouTube Gaming Channel 101

Now that you know how to start a YouTube gaming channel, you can start investing in the right equipment and make a new YouTube account. Your success is just a few uploads away.

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