3 Remodeling Ideas for Older Homes to Add Instant Equity

3 Remodeling Ideas for Older Homes to Add Instant Equity

The U.S economy has been shrinking during COVID-19. The bottom line is that people are spending less money. The real crunch in the housing market is that although demand for housing remains high, people have less confidence in buying due to an uncertain financial future.

If you’re looking to sell your older home and upgrade to something newer or bigger, then you’ll want to make sure you capitalize on what you’ve already got. Alternatively, buying an older home that you can remodel could be an excellent opportunity. Either way, in this article, we’re going to share 3 remodeling ideas for older homes that will add equity and enjoyment to your property.

1. Re-Decorate

Tired wallpaper or drab interior decor makes a big visual impression. It is no surprise then that this is one of the most popular home remodeling or home improvement projects that many people opt to do themselves. You have complete control over your budget by choosing your colors and materials carefully.

There is a staggering array of options for interior decorating to match all tastes and budgets. A fresh coat of paint throughout will make a massive difference in a house’s look and feel. That said, one of the problems with buying an older home and then decorating is that you may not be aware of some of the dangers associated with older paint.

Depending on the age of the home, the paint on the walls may contain lead. This can be harmful to your health when removing it. So do your research first.

2. Buff up the Bathroom

To use and be in a clean and modern bathroom is a pleasurable experience. Worn-out, stained fixtures in the bathroom are a sure turn-off for prospective buyers. Once again, how much you choose to spend can vary from cheap to expensive.

Depending on your end objective, it is wise to strike a balance between spending enough to make a significant difference but not so much that you’ll never recoup the cost when you sell. If your budget allows, changing the fixtures will greatly impact having a comfortable and appealing bathroom.

3. Convert A Space

You likely have some space within your older home that isn’t being used in a way that optimally adds value to your property. For example, you could consider converting a garage, cellar, or loft space so that it can serve as an extra living area such as a bedroom or work-study.

Some property experts believe this could add as much as 30 percent extra value to your property. Remember though, if you in an old house, you need to do your research first before making any structural changes. You’ll also need to give careful thought to how utilities can be supplied to that space or even air conditioning installation.

Remodeling Ideas for Older Homes — Last Thought

In this article, you’ve read about 3 remodeling ideas for older homes that add value to your property and that you’ll also enjoy living in. If you really want to add value to your property, you must be prepared to spend something on it. These ideas will give you plenty of bang for your buck.

The important thing is to pick one of them that matches your budget and make a start. Don’t get carried away with more projects than you can realistically manage. Check out more articles on our site for ideas and inspiration in the home.