Getting you Ex-Girlfriend back – Some top tips

Usually there is a good reason that you split up in the first place, but there are many of us that still want to get our ex-girlfriend back, thinking that we can put things right. Here we look at some of the top tips to get your ex-girlfriend back to stay:

Admit your Mistakes.

One of the key things about rebuilding is a relationship, is admitting where and how it went wrong in the first place. This means accepting your own faults and perhaps where you personally went wrong. For the relationship to stand any chance of being salvageable one must really admit where they went wrong and work out how they can resolve it. If you feel this is doable then you may be onto something.

A Period of Reflection

Its probably an idea for you both to have some time apart, to work out if this is really what you both want. Having this time to reflect can be invaluable to both parties, as it saves diving back in and making all the same mistakes again. This may involve avoiding contact for some time, but this can really pay dividends.

Work on Yourself

One of the key things you might want to do when trying to win back your ex, is to really focus a bit on yourself in areas that you want to improve. This might be building self-esteem, or it might be giving yourself a full makeover and working on your personal style. One of the things we can all do when in a long-term relationship is to get too comfortable. This means we do not bother as much with our appearance, weight and all sorts of things. So therefore, working on yourself, can also prove to be very helpful in your quest.

Hang out with your Ex

Once you have spent a good bit of time apart, it might be good to gently dip your toe in the water again. This might be meeting up casually just for some regular hanging out. It is best to keep things lighthearted here, the last thing you want to be doing here is to be going over all the issues that you had together before. Done right this can be a good way to start to rekindle things in a slow and measured way.

The Apology

If you want to move to the next stage, there will come a time when you really need to put everything out there. This will need to be civilized and honest to get things back on track. It will probably involve an apology on both sides, and some open and honest conversation. From here, you can both decide whether this is what you both really want, and whether the relationship is truly worth saving!