5 Crucial Roof Maintenance Tips for Homeowners

5 Crucial Roof Maintenance Tips for Homeowners

Did you know that a faulty or damaged roof can increase your energy bills? The roof is the protection between your home and the outside elements. If you don’t know how to keep it strong and safe, your home can face serious damage.

With a few easy tasks done regularly, your roof can stay solid for many years to come. Read on for our 5 must-know roof maintenance tips.

1. Perform an Exterior Roof Inspection

Performing a roof inspection does involve some danger, so you may want to hire roofing services to do it for you. The first sign of roof problems is curling shingles or any that are broken, cracked, or missing. They will need replacing.

After this, an inspection should take place on the flashing. This is a skirt that protects the joints on the roof, particularly the joint between the roof and chimney. If rusted, it will need replacing.

2. Perform an Internal Roof Inspection

Once you have done the exterior, go to the inside of the roof. If you see any light coming through from outside, you may need repair to the slates or a roof replacement. Check the wood in the beams for signs of termites.

Finally, look for signs of a damaged roof inside your home. Discoloration cracked paint, and wet or damp patches can all show that water is getting into the house.

3. Remove Debris

Even if you don’t have trees hanging over your roof, the wind will bring organic matter onto your roof at some point. This gets clogged in the overhangs and gutters. As it rots and decays, it can cause numerous problems.

The main one, is that it stops water from draining away through the gutters. If the winter comes, you may find snow, ice, and leaves to be a troublesome combination.

4. Remove Mold, Moss, and Algae

If you have asphalt shingles, a visual inspection from the ground should let you know if you have mold moss or algae growth. It is characterized by dark green and black stains. They tend to appear more in shaded parts of the roof.

The algae can eat away at the shingles, causing the materials to weaken and decay quicker. You should get them cleaned by a professional cleaning service and have any tiles too far gone replaced by a roofing contractor.

5. Cut Back Trees

There are numerous problems that trees too close to home can cause. Firstly, if large branches break and fall, they can damage the roof resulting in costly roof repair. Secondly, if they grow too close and are left to proliferate, they can cause damage to the slates and roof materials.

Finally, the leaves and branches help clog up your gutter. Call a professional service to have them trimmed back regularly.

Getting Help With Roof Maintenance Tips

While some of these roof maintenance tips are perfectly easy to do on your own, for some, it is much safer to hire professional help. Experts have the right equipment and knowledge, giving you the pros and cons of certain replacements and cleaning methods.

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